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Morocco’s Living Museum at Es Saadi Marrakech Resort

Home to over 400 works of art, owned by keen art collectors, France’s legendary Bauchet-Bouhlal family – Es Saadi Marrakech Resort is more than a resort, it is a living museum, reflective of the diversity, breath-taking talent and vibrant culture of modern Morocco.

es hotel xFatiha Zemmouri.jpg.pagespeed.ic .cmATPVvGXR Morocco’s Living Museum at Es Saadi Marrakech Resort - EAT LOVE SAVOR International luxury lifestyle magazine and bookazines
Charbon et bois
100 x 150 cm

A true art enthusiast, Élisabeth Bauchet-Bouhlal, CEO of Es Saadi Marrakech Resort, has been an active supporter of Moroccan artists for more than 40 years. Each year, Es Saadi hosts one of the year’s most highly anticipated cultural events, in collaboration with Paris’ famed auction house Artcurial. This year’s theme is “Majorelle and his contemporaries” and the incredible auction will be held simultaneously in Paris and Marrakech from 27th December – 30th December.

The Bauchet-Bouhlal family have always been keen art collectors, particularly so Madame Bauchet-Bouhlal who, as Es Saadi’s owner, has introduced Moroccan artists on a global stage, allowing them an international platform in which to display their work. In 2014, Elizabeth was decorated for her pioneering enterprise as an Officer de l’Ordre du Wissam Alaouite, by HRH King Mohammed VI of Morocco.

Guests at Es Saadi are privileged to enjoy year-round access to these incredible masterpieces. On the first floor of the Palace, Élisabeth Bauchet-Bouhlal has designed an exhibition inviting guests to discover the history of Moroccan painting, from the 1950s to the present. To her mind, nothing is more important than “bringing art to life through the eyes of others“.

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Élisabeth Bauchet-Bouhlal, CEO of Es Saadi Marrakech Resort

The lavish collection includes figural and abstract paintings, large sculptures and frescoes from a range of young, emerging artists and renowned Moroccan talent reflecting the diversity of modern Morocco. In the lobby, celebrated ceramic artist, Kamal Lahbibi was invited to express his creativity. Lahbibi was inspired by a 12th century Persian poet named Saadi who wrote the immortal ‘Gardens of Roses’, ‘Five Senses and the Sixth’, ‘The Lions of the Atlas’ and ‘The Arrival of the poet Saadi in Marrakech’. Lahbibi finds his creativity in Moroccan traditions as well as his own personal vision.

Starting with the opening of the Hotel in 1966 and continuing with the addition of the Palace and villas, the Bauchet-Bouhal found more space to add to their already impressive collection.

The soul of the Palace is in the art collection which is all around the property; in the gardens and in the suites. In the immaculately white rotunda, overlooking the lobby there stands an 11-meter-high painting by Fatima Hassan, telling the story of Moroccan life and culture, depicted on a magnificent ceramic tableau. There is an important triptych depicting Moroccan scenes of life by Said Qodaid in the Executive Suite, and signature abstract paintings by Abdellah Sadouk and Ahmed Ben Ismail in the Deluxe Corner Suite.

This year, in 2017, Es Saadi Marrakech Resort celebrates its own anniversary – of 50 years – and as such has been featured in the latest edition of the US Condé Nast Traveler’s Gold List.

Junior suites start from £270 per night. Ksars start from £550 per night. Villas start at £800 a night. Buffet breakfast, Wi-Fi and Airport transfers included.

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