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Montblanc: The Peak of Craftsmanship

A name synonymous with the highest writing culture for the past 100 years, Montblanc exemplifies these values surrounding quality and craftsmanship.


The StarWalker & Nicolas Rieussec Chronograph Open Hometime

This uncompromising demand on shape, style and materials is reflected in all their products. This pairing is no exception.

 Montblanc Starwalker

The Montblanc StarWalker collection is a family of writing instruments that underscores Montblanc’s commitment to continually pushing the boundaries of design with the novel use of the most extraordinary materials. With the addition of the StarWalker Red gold-plated Resin and StarWalker Red gold-plated Metal, Montblanc completes this statement collection with this new line featuring precious red gold. What makes StarWalker unique is the combination of innovative materials and a distinctive ergonomic shape. The presence of the inimitable Montblanc emblem floating inside a transparent cap top is a reminder that every writing instrument has been individually made by a craftsman who has imbued it with a soul. Montblanc StarWalker collection as a whole, are aimed at a new generation of enthusiasts who demand the highest standards of craftsmanship while enjoying pioneering designs. Each of these versions is available in fountain pen with a solid 14K gold nib, fineliner pen and ballpoint.

Nicolas Rieussec Chronograph Open Hometime

Montblanc honored the ingenious French watchmaker Nicolas Rieussec in 2011 with a jubilee wristwatch to celebrate the 190th anniversary of the invention of the chronograph. Rieussec, watchmaker by appointment to the king in Paris, publicly showed his “time writer” with turning disc and ink-writing hand for the first time in 1821 and received a patent for it in 1822. His trailblazing innovation catapulted him into the Olympus of the watchmaker’s art. In 2008, Montblanc launched its first Nicolas Rieussec chronograph, which not only paid homage to a famous name in watchmaking, but also highlighted Rieussec’s decisive element: rotating discs for the elapsed seconds and minutes under fixed hands. The tribute was well-deserved, especially when one considers the importance that chronographs have acquired in the world of fine watches in recent years.

Unique Features

Furthermore, unlike most other chronographs, this one has no large elapsed-seconds hand at the center of its dial, but pays homage to the first Rieussec chronographs from 1821 with a pair of rotating counter discs, one of which counts the elapsed seconds in the lower part of the dial at “8 o’clock,” while its counterpart tallies up to thirty elapsed minutes at “4 o’clock”. When the elapsed timed interval is over, the number of seconds and minutes in the time span can be read from these discs by comparing the position of each halted disc with the immobile indices directly above them. The twin discs on the new Rieussec chronographs are held in place by a bridge that’s plated with red gold and into which ruby bearings are inserted to accept the tips of the staffs of the elapsed-seconds and elapsed-minutes hands.

The Montblanc Nicolas Rieussec Chronograph Open Hometime will encase a new caliber that raises yet another worthy monument to the inventor of the chronograph.

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