A Moment With… Susie Ambrose, Founder of Luxury Matchmaking Agency, Seventy Thirty

susie seventy thirty
Susie Ambrose, founder Seventy Thirty

a moment with

Susie Ambrose, founder of Seventy Thirty

Matchmaking in some cultures, both past and present is largely a professional endeavor and some cultures think of it as an essential one. In the past, matchmaking began as an informal means to connect potential mates based on factors such as cultural or social standing.

Today, this is now all changed thanks to technology and a more sophisticated approach. In the present, the advent of technology has forever changed the landscape and effectiveness of this means of meeting a significant other. These digital dating systems have given rise to the professional matchmaker and is major advancement in the profession. Enter the world of Luxury Matchmaking with SEVENTY THIRTY.

Seventy Thirty is the first and most exclusive luxury matchmaking agency, offering a discreet and entirely exclusive service to clients of affluence. Eat Love Savor had an opportunity to chat with Susie Ambrose the founder of Seventy Thirty and get some insight into her firm, vision, its unique positioning and what Seventy Thirty offers to its global, affluent clients.

What inspired you to start a matchmaking service for affluent?

Coming from a background in psychoanalysis, my inspiration came from my clients who were successful, affluent, intelligent and attractive but single, and often had difficulties meeting the right type of person. My entrepreneurial drive was born in 2004 when I discovered that no other company was providing a truly bespoke and exclusive matchmaking service. After seeing the gap in the market, I went on to found the first exclusive matchmaking company.

What is the origin of the name Seventy Thirty?

The name Seventy Thirty came about after a study established that successful people spend around 70% of their time working and 30% socialising.

The combination of your background as a Psychoanalyst paired with technology is an idyllic match. How did your background inform how you structured your matchmaking process?

Seventy Thirty has an exceptional team of fully qualified psychologists and experienced professionals who can offer support and advice in all aspects of our members’ lives. The psychologists are involved primarily in the matchmaking process- each member has a personal psychologist/matchmaker and they will spend a great deal of time together. Our matchmakers interview members and generally gets to know him/her very well: understanding how a person lives their life, the previous experiences that this person has had; the attitudes, values and principles to which this person subscribes; what it is that they are seeking from a relationship etc.

These enable them to deliver a personalised and professional matchmaking service, providing regular contact with our members. We consult with them about matches and dates, offering advice and guidance, whilst at the same time allowing the relationship to progress as naturally as possible.

What do you foresee for the future of matchmaking? How has matchmaking changed since its inception particularly where the needs of the affluent are concerned?

I believe the future will remain the same, since wealthy and successful people will continue to lead dynamic, focused lives and have experienced a great many things; they have a very mature yet enthusiastic outlook and have a broad perspective. Their requirements in potential partners are therefore fairly exclusive: they need intellectually stimulating, sophisticated yet fun, ambitious and enthusiastic partners with whom to enjoy their lives; and it is for people with this life experience, and these such requirements, that Seventy Thirty caters.

What is your vision for Seventy Thirty’s?

To continue being the world’s most exclusive matchmaking service, providing our clients with an unparalleled luxury service.

[pullquote]To quote what Quintessentially, the leading luxury concierge company, said about us: “The real genius of Seventy Thirty is that it is exclusively tailored to respond to the needs of affluent people. Seventy Thirty’s vast network of contacts across the dating scene work to introduce you to that someone special and then it is over to you. Seventy Thirty’s service is one that wastes no time and offers you the crème de la crème of the dating scene.”[/pullquote]

What sets Seventy Thirty apart from other matchmaking services?

I believe our commitment to a personalised and entirely bespoke service, where the needs of each of our clients are carefully considered, sets us apart. We don’t send our members on blind dates or make inappropriate introductions and we don’t use a “one size fits all” database. We focus on leading our clients on a unique and rewarding journey, where their needs are considered and reflected in the introductions we make.

Do you offer gifts or additional services to your clients?

We have teamed up with Chopard, the prestigious Swiss watch and jewellery maker, to offer new members timeless and luxurious gifts. Our members are sophisticated and exceptional individuals; our job is to provide them with an exquisite experience and we will do whatever needs to be done to achieve this.

The alchemy of technology, psychology and detail focused, results oriented personalization for the affluent market is brilliant; this combination is why Seventy Thirty is a leader in luxury matchmaking and today’s time saving solution in the the age old quest for a meaningful relationship.



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