A Moment With: Designer, Myriam Soseilos, Cyprus

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Myriam Soseilos is an inspirational up and coming Cypriot Jewellery Designer…

Myriam Soseilos

behind the jewellery brand MyriamSOS – also named ‘Designer of the Year 2013’ at Treasure, London’s jewellery show, which took place during the world-renowned Jewellery Week in June 2013.



Tell us about yourself and your accomplishments as a designer

My name is Myriam Soseilos and I am a jewellery designer from Cyprus. After studying Logistics and having careers in Journalism and advertising, as well as working as a fashion assistant for an iconic luxury title previously, I discovered my passion for jewellery design and started the MyriamSOS brand.

For me, a key accomplishment of mine as a designer was being awarded “Designer of the Year 2013” at Treasure, during Jewellery Week, for my ‘Transformers’ collection. It wasn’t just about receiving the award, but the acknowledgment, encouragement and confidence this award gave me as a designer new to the UK market. In fact, creating the Transformer’s collection was in itself a great accomplishment of mine – it was far from easy creating transforming jewellery having only been in the industry for a short time.

Recently, Academy award-nominated actress, Jodie Whittaker, wore my jewellery at the Royal Television Society Awards. I am very proud to have achieved this so soon after launching my range in the UK.

What inspired you to become a jewelry designer?

I’ve always been interested in design whether jewellery, fashion, furniture or architecture. It was obvious from a young age that I had a distinct style, from my dressing, even to my house in Cyprus which is a signature piece of architecture. Having had a stints in Accountancy, Journalism and Advertising, I never truly had that sense of satisfaction so I decided to follow my passion and enter the world of jewellery design so that I could ‘take control’.

Your designs have a strong graphic shapes. What informs your designs?

Objects, buildings, furniture, shapes and technology are the main inspirations for my designs. I have decided to take jewelry design a step further, hence the ‘Transformers’ collection. This collection, for me represents artisanal, handcrafted jewellery which, I believe, re-defines the concepts of adaptability, individuality and exclusivity,

What should collectors come to expect of your jewelry collections?

My designs have been perceived as rather unique and versatile. The Transformers collection offers versatile designs with an elegant feel, and is a collection I created for women with a busy lifestyle. Each piece is adaptable and can transform into another piece of jewellery to create an entirely new look. The pieces also feature intricate, hand-set gemstones. I want to be able to showcase my creations to as wider female audience as possible, as I believe my collections contain something to suit everyone. The Naked Square collection can be described as an in-depth study of the ‘grammar of shapes’. The vision for the range is to re-think the way that classic diamond jewellery is viewed and presented. USP’s of the range include traditional materials used, age-old handcrafted techniques, individual designs and versatility of use

What is your design philosophy?

My design philosophy is to create original, “out of the box” pieces born of an unprecedented union of tradition and innovation, craftsmanship and technology, inspired by a continuous quest for new forms and unconventional designs. All pieces are conceived and realized after an indepth research of the original idea and the inspiration behind it. All pieces are ‘made by hand’ because artisanal know-how and attention to detail are what ensure the highest possible quality.

What do you think is the future of jewelry design?

Technological developments have influenced jewellery design over the years in a variety of ways. New techniques in gem cutting have allowed designers greater creative latitude, as have modern methods of setting gems into metal. New treatments can make metals harder, stronger, safer–even colorful. Automation, through innovations such as chain-making machines, has made a wide range of jewellery designs affordable.

Computers have refined many automated processes, increasing speed, efficiency, and precision and narrowing or eliminating margins of error. Even in a shop where jewellers do most of the work by hand, computers can help make clasps and findings, giving the goldsmiths more time to be creative.

Designers also sought new ways to set gemstones to metal. Two techniques, invisible setting and tension setting, are among the most advanced developments.

Technology is merely a means to an end. The driving force behind the future of jewellery design innovation was, and always will be, imagination. Technology makes the process faster, easier, more cost-effective, or more precise, but it will never replace the creative spirit.

My Transformers collection is a prime example of how I always want to be one step ahead in the world of jewellery design. I am currently designing a ring with a memory chip that will execute 7 different commands with the touch of a button, a challenge which if I see through, will be the ultimate success.

About Myriam Soseilos

The prolific designer from Cyprus, who once worked as a fashion assistant for an iconic luxury title, operates under the brand name MyriamSOS. This was a name she chose, as ‘SOS’ represents the first three letters of her surname, which is pronounced ‘sauce’ in English. It was this pronunciation from which she developed her brand message: to provide the ‘sauce and spice’ to any outfit.


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