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Mo Eden’s ‘Digit Watch’ Keeps Your Finger on Time

mo eden digit watch Mo Eden’s ‘Digit Watch’ Keeps Your Finger on Time - EAT LOVE SAVOR International Luxury Lifestyle MagazineHere’s an interesting piece of horology, the ‘Digit Watch,’ which instead of slipping on your wrist calls the finger home. Mo Eden, a designer known for quite flamboyant jewelry designs, came up with the concept. Designed as jewelry piece but also containing a watch, this is unique way to represent time, a symbolic depiction of time on hand.

On the ring Eden uses precious gems, including diamonds and gold. An interesting element is that the crystals are hand cut from Aquamarine, which Eden claims is the only watch to use the stone in this capacity. What is exceptional about the ’Digit watch’ is it is the only time keeping device in the world to have an Aquamarine for its crystal.

If you don’t like any of the choices in the collection, Eden is a bespoke manufacturer who will create a watch to your specifications. While the ‘Digit Watches’ normally come in white or black diamonds, you can choose one with sapphires or emeralds or any combination you desire. All rings are handmade in London, as well as the boxes, which are constructed by the firm that also makes boxes for the British royal family.

Instead of choosing quartz movements to motor the mechanism, which would’ve been the easy route to go, Eden puts mechanical movements into the casing, making for a true and legitimate watch. The movements he uses are high end, including in the current model (Digitwatch #26) an Omega 4080 series. These rings can also be fit with a Blancpain R35 or a Rolex 1800 series, which are new old stock. All contain 17 jewels and have Incabloc balances. In addition, he gold plates some of the parts. If clients do desire a quartz movement, Eden will provide the ETA E01 001 with 5 jewels. A wonderful design element is that you can see the movements functioning through the ‘spy glass” on the back of the ring.

by Meehan Goldsmith

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