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Milaidhoo Introduces Mood Dining to the Maldives

Milaidhoo Maldives - eat love savor luxury lifestyle magazine

The newly opened Milaidhoo Island Maldives introduces mood dining, a specific combination of curated menu, designated location on the island, and spa elements to enhance the experience designed to change a person’s mood.

Guests can choose from five different ‘moods’: ‘Deep Sleep’; ‘Getting into the Milaidhoo Mood’; ‘Sunrise Awakening’; ‘Curious Adventures’ and ‘Sunset Chill’. The theory behind mood dining is that certain foods can affect body chemistry and can therefore alter a person’s mood.  The location of the meal also helps shape the mood, which vary between a deserted island, sandbanks in the middle of the ocean, beach or simply on the private deck of the guest’s own villa.  The innovative concept is part of the luxury resort’s philosophy to offer guests authentic and meaningful experiences.

Milaidhoo Maldives - eat love savor luxury lifestyle magazineDeep Sleep

The ‘Deep Sleep’ mood addresses both physical and mental hurdles that prevent a good night’s sleep.  It begins with a peaceful spa treatment in the early evening to physically relax the body.  This is followed by a light dinner served in the guest’s villa with a menu designed to encourage sleep, using foods that contain naturally occurring substances that can bring on sleep, such as Hot Passion Fruit Green Tea Soup.  After the dinner Milaidhoo’s resident yogi leads the guests in a private moonlight meditation session on the deck of their villa to calm and slow the mind.  The evening ends with a scented candlelit bath, because the drop in body temperature after a bath triggers the body’s need to sleep.

Milaidhoo Maldives - eat love savor luxury lifestyle magazineSunrise Awakening

A complete contrast to the deep sleep mood is ‘Sunrise Awakening,’ which includes a breakfast menu of dishes known to be energy boosting for a good start to the day, such as fruit skewers with toasted coconut and lime. A bottle of Salmon Billecart champagne accompanies for extra indulgence.  The location is either on the private deck of the guest’s villa or on the beach to ensure exposure to the mood-lifting serotonin that the body produces in bright sunlight.

Getting into the Milaidhoo Mood

The ‘getting into the Milaidhoo mood’ features a menu designed to calm and promote a relaxed mind set; the perfect way to ease into a holiday. Dishes like a Confit Tasmanian Salmon with green apple purée, green papaya and spearmint salad are selected for richness in vitamins, omega 3 and nutrients to help guests switch off from a fast paced life style and settle into a glorious relaxed, island mode.  It begins with a 60-minute spa treatment at the resort’s over-water Serenity Spa followed by the meal which can be enjoyed anywhere on the island that takes the guest’s fancy.

Curious Adventures

Complete with Bento Boxes to go, ‘Curious Adventures’ menus are ideal for either the Snorkel ‘N’ Soak or Beach Comber Trips. A BBQ Lunch can also be prepared for mounting uninhabited island sand banks.

Sunset Chill

The ‘Sunset Chill’ mood dining menu of select canapés like Asian wagyu beef en croute, pan seared foie gras with brioche, quince paste, and smoked salmon and caviar fraiche, is best to enjoy aboard the resort’s sunset cruise.

Contact and Bookings

Mood Dining ranges from $140 to $1,050 based on the menu. Nightly rates start at $1,575 per night for two people in an over-water villa on half-board basis. For more information or reservations, visit


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