Luxury Spaces: Incorporating Antiques into Contemporary Interiors

Kahila Hogarth Design Post- Roberto Migotto image
The antique piece in this living room by Roberto Migotto draws your attention as it is different then the rest of the décor and yet somehow it works.

When designing the look for a luxury home, many select one style over another but interior decor styles need not be mutually exclusive.

Kahila Hogarth Design Post- Casa Cor Fran Parente 2007 image

Instead, blend different styles for a more interesting and uniquely personal style. The result is great visual interest injected into a personal space that expresses your personality and taste giving place to pieces that are special or have sentimental value that are not of the same style/period as their interior.

Contemporary or Modern? Choose Both!

For example, should your décor be contemporary or modern and you want to place a few well-chosen antiques as accent pieces or focal points, you can.

Some of the best designed and decorated spaces always have a special piece of décor that adds the finishing personal touch to the space, similar to the way a woman might add a special piece of jewellery or pair of shoes to compliment her outfit or a man adding a perfect tie or cuff links to his attire.

These special pieces tend to stand out as they are not in the same style or period as the décor, however, they seamlessly fit into the space just right and pull the entire look of the space together.


The Key To Incorporating Two Interior Design Styles

Kahila Hogarth Design Post- image via The Diversion Project

The key to getting this right is to choose an item (or a few items) that serves as an interesting focal point, adds visual value and interest to the space, and is something that you absolutely love and/or has a special meaning. It is so important to always live with what you love! It could be something you picked up on your travels around the globe, a family heirloom, or even a great find at a marché au puces (flea market).

If the item is found or bought and not handed down, such as a family heirloom, look for pieces that are of good construction (even if they need restorative work on the finishing or upholstering in the case of furniture and upholstery items). If the item requires re-upholstering, select a fabric that is contemporary and neutral to compliment the decor such as a leather, mohair velvet, or linen, and let the antique frame of the upholstery piece be the star. When it comes to lighting pieces, these are a little trickier as most of them do not function and will require electrical work from a qualified electrician or restorer to get them up to date and in proper working order for daily or occasional use.

Kahila Hogarth Design Post- Axel Verdvoordt image
This room by Axel Vervoordt (featured here in Elle Décor) is a great example of a clean white contemporary interior with a beautifully selected antique console and silver candlesticks.

Now enjoy your impeccably designed contemporary spaces that delight and surprise with the addition of a perfectly placed and selected antique pieces!

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Guest Post by Kahila Hogarth, director/interior designer, Design Alchimie SARL. Ms. Hogarth is the director of Design Alchimie, a luxury niche design firm based in Geneva Switzerland. Design Alchimie encompasses a full range of design services through which to experience and engage in modern day alchemy. Graduated top of her class with a degree in Interior Architecture, founder Kahila Hogarth has worked in the design field for 15 years in Boston, New York City, Greenwhich, and Palm Beach with such celebrated designers as William Hodgins (Boston US), an Architectural digest Top 100 designer, Boston Hall of Fame designer Nannette Lewis (Boston US), and multiple award winning and architectural Digest Top 100 architects Shope Reno Wharton (Connecticut, US), as well as Thoughtforms, one of the leading construction firms in the Northeast United States. She has also completed several projects in Europe.



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