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Luxury Profile: Diplomat Protection Group, Security in Ibiza

Ibiza, Spain --- Spain, Ibiza, Villa on hillside; Es Jondal --- Image by © Ian Cumming/Design Pics/Corbis
Ibiza, Spain — Spain, Ibiza, Villa on hillside; Es Jondal — Image by © Ian Cumming/Design Pics/Corbis



The services of Diplomat Protection Group (Ibiza), offer client privacy and safety. They spend many hours with their clients, getting to know you and understand your needs – it is important to them that clients truly ‘relax’; they understand the importance of being able to truly relax, recharge or have fun; it is an important requirement of the lifestyle.

Security Protection Provides Peace of Mind

With an elite lifestyle comes the ability to enjoy travels all over the world – whether to escape the weather, or a rest from the pressures that come with your position in society. The Diplomat Protection Group will take care of your security and privacy requirements, working around the clock to guarantee that you can take the time off that you need. Their priority is protecting you and your loved ones, ensuring your safety and reduce your exposure to risk.

For your travels to Ibiza, whether at your own Ibiza mansion or a luxurious rental property, their Villa Protection Service will ensure that the property and its grounds are safe and secured before your arrival. During your stay, our security team will monitor your environment on a 24-hour basis to ensure that any safety or privacy risks are neutralized.

We’re devoted not only to their peace of mind but also their peace and quiet

Security Analysis Sharpens Strategies

The year 2015 developed into a year where extra security on holiday became a necessity for elite travellers increasing the need for security. With sophisticated, organized gangs targeting villas with sleeping gases, they were able to enter properties whilst holidaymakers slept. Taking jewelry, designer clothes, technology and sensitive personal information, their key objective is to steal what they can sell. These gangs have no moral compass and are happy to steal from the rooms of sleeping children. While attacks have increased in regularity, the details do not often reach the public eye. This changed with last summer’s high-profile theft at F1 Jensen Button’s villa in Saint Tropez. The press published graphic details – which unfortunately now serves as a ‘How-To-Guide’ for other aspiring criminals around the Mediterranean. In response to such aggressive tactics, the Diplomat Protection Group has analysed how these attacks are carried out and have finely tuned our service to protect against such threats.

We inherently understand just how important a client’s personal time is – after all, we’re often with them during their working hours and know only too well the stresses and strains that come with an elite lifestyle. Getting away from it all is just as important as the hours spent working. At the Diplomat Protection Group, we are always on duty, ready to deploy service whenever a client need us to take control of their security or manage their privacy. We’re devoted not only to their peace of mind but also their peace and quiet’. – Marcus Goldsmith of the Diplomat Protection Group

For more information, contact the Diplomat Protection Group: email: info@diplomatprotectiongroup.com or visit the Diplomat Protection Group website: www.diplomatprotectiongroup.com

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