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Luxury News: Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Take Center Stage at World Luxury Expo, Abu Dhabi

Rolls Royce Wraith

World Luxury Expo, Abu Dhabi, the third edition of the World Luxury Expo series, will be hosted at the magnificent Emirates Palace from 27-29 September 2013.

World Luxury Expo will showcase a selection of the world’s leading luxury brands in one spectacular venue, where access is by invitation-only. Taking centre stage illuminated under the magnificent Etihad Ballroom grand Swarovski chandelier of 1.8 tonnes, will be the splendid Rolls-Royce centrepiece, the main attraction and the ultimate statement in luxury.

Rolls-Royce at World Luxury Expo, Abu Dhabi

Mr Arno Husselmann, General Manager of Abu Dhabi Motors, and the sole dealer of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain said, “We are pleased to be a part of the World Luxury Expo event, one which enhances our association with luxury and reinforces our status as the world’s leading choice for Rolls-Royce. Abu Dhabi Motors has earned an international reputation as the leading representative of the world’s pinnacle automotive brand. Our position as the 2012 Global Rolls-Royce Dealer of the Year highlights Abu Dhabi’s position as a hub for luxury in the Middle East.”

It was reported that sales of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars in Abu Dhabi continued to grow at an exceptional rate in the first half of 2013, with Abu Dhabi Motors announcing a 39% growth over the corresponding period last year and leading worldwide sales after the first half of 2013.

Abu Dhabi Motors has won five Global “Bespoke” awards and has commissioned a number of new Bespoke models in 2013 such as the Femas, Ruby and soon to arrive “Goodwood – Home of Rolls-Royce” edition which will be featured at the World Luxury Expo as an event highlight. This is a new design with many new elements featuring the best of Goodwood’s engineering craftsmanship, which includes a highly complex marquetry on the fascia, door cappings and picnic table backs as well as monitor cover, intricate embroidery inspired by the celebration theme, exclusive colours and interiors and a unique wood element coachline design.

The Wraith Comes to Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Motors will soon take delivery of the first new Wraith. The Wraith is the most powerful and dynamic Rolls-Royce in history, epitomising the very best in craftsmanship, engineering, driveability and exclusivity.

The World Luxury Expo series has steadily gained momentum and status in the region, having already concluded two successful recent World Luxury Expos, the inaugural event at Burj Al Arab, Dubai in January 2013 and the second in February 2013, at the palatial Ritz-Carlton, Riyadh.

World Luxury Expo will feature a wonderful selection of carefully selected luxury categories including fine art, high-end jewellery, fashion, hand-crafted time pieces, designer furniture and exquisite table settings, luxury automobiles, fine dining, private aviation, and luxury travel. All participating exhibitors are leaders in their respective fields, who constantly strive for the ultimate in quality and perfection.

Luxury Exhibitors

Some of the other renowned exhibitors include haute parfumier, House of Sillage, which will debut a limited edition travel perfume at World Luxury Expo, Abu Dhabi which is adorned with 665 gemstones shaped into a delicate gecko and set on an 18K yellow gold cylinder. The exquisite set holds 7.5ml and is valued at US $118,000 (AED 433,000).

House of Sillage_limited edition

Four Seasons Ramesh Gallery will be presenting the some of the largest jewelled carpets ever seen. Their signature piece titled “Pink City” holds 56,910 carats of precious gemstones. This 5’6” x 8’4” masterpiece is adorned with fancy-colour sapphires, natural pearls, rubies and the finest cut diamonds.

Italian goldsmith and designer, Rosmundo Giarletta, will showcase the famed Al-Noor Jewel, consisting of a medallion necklace with gold wedges that intersect and fall into a drop-shaped diamond. Rosmundo is renowned for pieces which he crafted in celebration of the 700th anniversary of the Grimaldi family of Monte Carlo’s reign that subsequently lead Prince Rainier III to award him the title of Knight of Art and Culture.

Rebellion’s timepieces are created on the shores of Lake Geneva, Switzerland in limited editions with exclusive proprietary movements and precision-engineered cases. In harmony with its name, Rebellion eschews market trends, preferring to blaze a trail on its own in the world of high-end watchmaking, inspired by the world of motor racing. Highlights of the Rebellion collection on display at World Luxury Expo include the T-1000 Titan valued at US $130,000 (AED 470,000) and a diamond encrusted equivalent valued at US $214,000 (AED 786,000). Swarovski Foosball Tables, Billionaire Gallery memorabilia items and a selection of exclusive high-end fashion designers will be presented by Harvey Nichols Dubai.

Interiors established a lineage of being a renowned furniture store that retails some of the most respected names such as Mariner, Giorgio Collection and Cornelio Cappellini; such an elite and exquisite bouquet of furniture brands make the right fit for such a luxurious event. The company will showcase a range of classic luxury bespoke furniture sets and accessories that offer exclusivity and superior craftsmanship.

Rosmundo_Al Noor

Rosmundo al Noor

Gold Line is a well-known Italian creator made famous for their precious and rare silver creations with beautiful decoration in gold and precious stone. Each sculpture is a perfect combination between tradition, quality and style without the use of any machinery.

Moiseikin Jewellery is renowned for creating one of a kind jewellery pieces and objets d’art and will be presenting a collection at World Luxury Expo Abu Dhabi entitled the “Imperial Collection.” The highlight of this collection is the “Horn of Plenty” which is a tourbillon time piece valued more than US$ 1.9 million (AED 9.98 million) and consists of over 4,000 diamonds with the total weight of 30 carats.

Says Michael Klapfer, Sales Manager of Faustig Chandeliers, “For over fifty years, Faustig has been creating the most unique selection of world-class crystal chandeliers in Italy. As holders of several Guinness world records for the most complex and largest chandeliers, we are excited to return to Abu Dhabi to reveal several creations that have never yet been seen in the region before.”

Gold & Co. London is showcasing a 24-carat, gold-plated bronze, pure bred Arabian Stallion created by Don Alberto Carlos, which stands at 2.85m tall. This artwork is from a limited edition of only nine pieces and each piece is valued at US$ 163,354 (AED 600,000). Gold & Co, London will also present a selection of exclusively designed mobile phones made from precious metals and studded with diamonds.

B5 Art of Living LLC is presenting an innovation from human biophysical medicine, the Human Regenerator. This unique technology in rejuvenation, health and well-being is valued at over US$ 544,000 (AED 2 million) and stems from the principle that everything, including matter, consists of physical stem cell information according to quantum physics. The development of the Human Regenerator is a masterly high-end performance with regards to realisation of progressive and new technologies.

A selection of other luxury goods and services that invited guests can look forward to viewing at World Luxury Expo, Abu Dhabi include fine artwork by Marie Josée Primeau, and Dubai-based luxury Al Barari Luxury Villas will be on show. Döttling will be presenting bespoke German superior safes, the finest collectors pieces of jewelry and art by Gold Line Italia and one of the world’s most expensive headscarves by Kashperia.

Following the Abu Dhabi edition, World Luxury Expo will continue to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia creating an annual signature series of events in the GCC region.

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