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Luxury Moment: Luxuriating in Lovely Loungewear & Editor’s Picks

loungewear luxury lifestyle moment

A Simple Moment Becomes Luxurious

At the end of the day take a quick shower upon return to your abode to wash off the day. Slip into Chic, Comfortable Loungewear. Chic clothes in sensual fabrics turn wearing comfortable garments into an sensual experience. Slip on sensational slippers to complete the look. Top it off with your favorite fragrance and something delicious to eat to complete the moment makes it a total olfactory experience! Now, the next question is will you have a glass of wine or cup of tea and read a book, magazine or watch a movie?

savor editors pick badge Luxury Moment: Luxuriating in Lovely Loungewear & Editor's Picks - EAT LOVE SAVOR International Luxury Lifestyle MagazineEditor’s Picks: Luxury Loungewear

Nothing feels on the body quite as as good as slipping on soft-as-a-cloud fabric that embraces you in luxury and comfort. Cool, super soft fabrics, layered with lovely wool for warmth and superb coziness.

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Pictured: Left to Right: 3.1 Phillip Lim Sandstone Jersey dress with tieback, Donna Karan casual luxe oversized merino wool and mohair blend sweater, Donna Karan French Terry long cardigan, Arlotta Cashmere shawl collar Short robe, Gingerlily nude silk pajamas, Won Elm gold slipper shoes, Miss Unique Branca olive suede slipper shoes, Witchery page perforated slipper, Donna Karan hooded fine knit cashmere cardigan.

Brief History of Intimate Apparel

The history of modern loungewear began with the pajama. Blogger ” Lingerie Briefs” and lingerie designer Layla L’obatti, designer and founder of Between the Sheets Lingerie and lingerie designer for the intimates licenses of Tommy Hilfiger and Nicole Miller examined the history and wrote in Intimates Retrospective looking back on the origins of intimate apparel:

From figleaves to Loincloths: Unfortunately textiles have a shelf life, so no garments from this time truly exist for us to reflect on, but their silhouettes linger on in the frescoes and reliefs of Greek and Roman architecture. The undergarments of the time, subligaculum, and are perhaps some of the earliest forms of intimate coverings next to Eve’s figleaves. The draped clothing of everyday – the toga and chiton are also constantly revisited by designers for their classical beauty and simplicity.


The Corset to the Bra: The corset reigned supreme in Western undergarments for several centuries, its prevalence across country lines and evolution of silhouette through the years makes it pivotal in our understanding of leisure, and perhaps more appropriately the lack thereof. With its daily wear affecting bodily function and necessitating the invention of fainting couches it is a wonder that this style remained a staple of clothing for so long. We idealize its appearance today but modern shapewear is a far cry from its historical counterpart with flexible boning and stretch revolutionizing the comfort of this garment. The splitting of the corset top from bottom and freeing of the waist leaves us with the bra and panty combination that we wear today.

The Pyjama/Pajama: Western culture in the 18th and 19th centuries when the British were in East and West Asian cultures where this was common sleepwear, it serves as an essential part of our sleepwear today. The Eastern influence of this pant and shirt combination for sleep is the origin of modern loungewear. The loose fitting drawstring pants now paired with all sorts of tops and adjusted to many lengths and silhouettes to accommodate our modern lifestyle and aesthetic.


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