Smart baby camera for Millennial Parents
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The New Luxury Lifestyle Brand For Affluent Millennial Parents

Lifestyle tips for affluent parents are not something that we often talk about here at EAT LOVE SAVOR, although there are some exceptions (meet the Rolls-Royce SRH). So when premium brand Nanit announced the launch of its first smart product for Millennial parents, it piqued our interest. Described as the ‘Tesla of baby monitors’, the camera uses Machine Learning to analyze sleep patterns and provide insights to parents to help the entire family sleep better. It’s a high-tech solution for young parents who want to have the best tech for their family.

The baby camera connects to your smartphone through Wifi. Like most of the other monitors, it will live stream an audio and video feed of your baby in bed. So far, nothing really out of the ordinary. Although the video quality is one of the best available at the moment, on par with the very fashionable Nest cameras from Google.

But when you enable the Nanit Insights, this little camera will become the smartest device in your home! A review of the Nanit camera recently found that it’s the best baby monitor that money can buy. It will use an enterprise-level encrypted connection to send information to its server where an algorithm will analyze sleeping patterns before sending you back personalized recommendations.

smart baby camera for Millennial Parents

The premium brand works together with professional pediatric doctors to create bespoke suggestions for every child. You’ll receive tips, for example, about the time of the day that is best for your baby to go to bed or the right temperature and humidity level for them to have the best sleep. And these tips will be completely personalized to your child once the app will have understood their sleeping preferences.

It’s quite extraordinary to see how new technology can enable parents to keep a watchful eye on their child while receiving data and insights that were impossible to gather before.

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