Luxury Lifestyle Awards Middle East Winner ‘National Brand’ Qatar

Luxury Lifestyle Award Middle East Winner “National Brand”, Qatar

Ms. Razan Suliman – Owner and Founder at Fanilla Couture


Your latest Ramadan collection is full of color and energy, what is the process behind envisaging such masterful pieces at Fanilla Couture?

Being in the creative industry is very challenging since the designer has to seek inspiration in all their surroundings regardless of any work or personal pressures. Although I find it challenging but it is also rewarding and fulfilling to create something out of nowhere. Generally I get easily touched by simple things around me on which I can create an entire collection. Ideas simply hit me out of the blue; sometimes while driving or walking I get distracted by something which can be the thread I weave an entire collection on.

For my Ramadan collection there are two kinds of designs some are a little bit cluttered and some others are clean, neat and simple. The clean ones are inspired by black & white Arabic fabric tent. The moment I saw it I felt that it can be the seed of a new collection but with the tents, I thought about different vintage items, the Arabic gulf visits and many other things which brought a lovely old song to my mind named ردى الزيارة which meant that if you visit me today, please come back and visit me one more so I thought it would be amazing if it meant come visit me again but we both will be wearing same brand Fanilla Couture. So far people feel great about the idea behind the collection and so much in love with the concept. I also noticed during the National Day that people love the fact that I name my collection or have a certain story behind it.

Do you have any specific plans for future collections? Offering high quality pieces on a large scale requires a lot of effort and professionals behind every article, do you have any intention on taking path of expansion?

Well Fanilla Couture is expanding; I have put plans to expand but the t-shirt will always remain to be our signature piece. I want to give my fans major shopping options so if they want to wear something comfortable they have many options. I am thinking to add other items to Fanilla Couture portfolio like long sleeves t-shirts, jackets, sweaters, hoodies and much more.

Can I ask you what criteria do you use when selecting materials you work with?

I care about offering my fans the best quality so that the color prints look the best. I am also keen to choose materials suitable for the hot weather so it feels cool wearing my brand. The most important criteria is that the chosen fabrics’ quality make the pieces look elegant.

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Is there anything particular on your agenda that you think would be of interest to clients attracted to luxury?

Yes I have a plan that soon I will launch an elite collection which will be more expensive because the fabrics will be more costly; the entire collection will be elite having 4 pieces of each design only.

Recognition at the Luxury Lifestyle Awards opens up many doors to new businesses, how do you plan on using this to remain in the spotlight?

Well I am really looking forward to that, I know that winning this award was prestigious and have added to my portfolio. I hope that this award will give Fanilla Couture more exposure in markets like UK and Dubai.

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