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Luxury Lifestyle Awards Middle East: Winner Luxury Interior Design Studio Kazakhstan

Luxury Lifestyle Awards Middle East Winner, “Luxury Interior Design Studio”, Kazakhstan

Batyr Ospanov – Owner and Designer at BATYR OSPANOV DESIGNS


Batyr Ospanov Designs, Batyr OspanovBATYR OSPANOV DESIGNS is a renowned force in designing various luxury buildings; do you plan on grasping any new markets in your region or abroad?

For me there are no geographical limitations in terms of where to run a design project. We had experience in designing remote projects in Central Europe, where we did the concept ideas and handed it to the local contractors. Currently we are working on a yacht design concept for the client who is based in UAE. This is still a confidential project and I hope that soon we would be able to present the project to media and showcase it on our website.

Business development is a key not only to stay afloat, but to preserve your achievements so far, would it make sense to focus on interior design only? Or the broader the scope, the larger the possibilities open up before you?

Business development is definitely driving companies for the new heights. Therefore, I decided to focus only on the luxury segment, but not limiting myself to interior design projects. I would really love to design a yacht or a private jet, as I did while I worked at one of the leading design companies in the UK.

Having exclusive pieces for your designs is essential, what companies do you engage to aid you in providing top service for your clients?

Finding the right partners that would understand our ideas and most importantly produce the result that everyone expects is crucial and so valuable. Fortunately I have found reliable and comprehensive local partners, but the supplier hunt never finishes neither locally nor internationally. We work with a local joinery craftsmen who produce amazing bespoke products. The quality is so high that some clients actually like to present their products as made in Italy, which often annoys the joinery craftsmen. Also we have a list of best decorators, furniture and interior fitting suppliers that we work with. We are always happy to meet new partners, get to know new products and finishes. This is probably the main reason of attending international exhibitions in Paris, London, Milan and etc.

Can you tell us about your current projects, how do they differ from ones you had years ago?

Nowadays I take projects from start to finish, where I coordinate all technical and decorative processes. Recently we have completed a new head office of a well-known jewellery company, several apartments and villas. Currently we work on big villa project in Almaty and as I mentioned above have one yacht design concept.

Few years ago I didn’t have a clear idea to establish an interior design studio. By that time I left one of the design companies in Central Europe and came back home to Kazakhstan to have a little break and think where to head next. While I stayed home with the family I was receiving requests from friends and their contacts to give some design suggestions about their apartments and houses. So it all began with little projects where my role was only to advice and I didn’t even charge for it.

The Luxury Lifestyle Awards recognizes the best of the best in the luxury industry. Does the victory of this year’s Award open up new markets for your company?

Well I really believe that it definitely will! I would like to thank the organizers of the award committee for providing a marketing campaign through the interviews, videos and photographs of the event. This award is a great recognition and excellent platform for us to promote ourselves and open up new horizons.

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