Luxury Legacy: How Values of Luxury are Passed On

versailles view out the door to the gardenAs time plays on in its majestic and constant rhythm, the luxury industry continues to evolve. This ongoing evolution involves change in certain aspects, while other remain the same throughout centuries and are passed on generation after generation.

Some of these evolutionary changes come from society which demands new rules for brands to deliver new products and services whilst maintaining certain values that are the foundation of the rest.

Other changes come from the unique minds and hearts of an exceptional few who dare to question old and no longer relevant values and create new ones that relate more aligned to our life experience, that match better now what we see in luxury with how we want to experience luxury now and in the future.

These inspiring and revolutionary minds have existed throughout history and all of them share four common traits:

  • They all have developed a strong personal brand within the Luxury Industry
  • They all share the passion for the excellence, exclusivity and eternity of True Luxury
  • They all have contributed to the definition and sustainability of the Luxury Language
  • They all have achieved in their respective fields of expertise an Unprecedented Reputation

The younger generations always choose their influencers according to the way they identify with them and adopt as theirs those values these influencers transmit through their strong personal brand built only by delivering a constant and highly qualified hard work.

These values that are transmitted generation after generation are the pillars of the whole luxury industry, whether they relate on the manufacturing process, on the market rules or on the user experience. If any of these values don’t “add value” any more to the society, they will be automatically discarded.

The closer these values are to the person, the longer they will stay, and the closer they are to the market, the shorter they will.

Whether it is by transmitting these values and concepts, redefining a new category, or redefining the rules of luxury, we have the privilege of counting with the participation of some of the people that are redefining the industry and that of the whole luxury concept while uplifting it.

eat love savor luxury awards judges 2016 - luxury lifestyle magazineEAT LOVE SAVOR Luxury Awards Conveys the Pillars and Values of Luxury

Their participation in this 3rd Edition of the EAT LOVE SAVOR Luxury Awards, helps pass on the values they represent and defend to the participating brands as well as to the general public and send a clear message to the Industry of what is luxury and what is not. These are our first judges to join our panel, more to be confirmed :

  • Rebecca Robins – Global Director at Interbrand – Co-Author of Meta-Luxury
  • Barbara Coignet – CEO of 1.618 Paris – Main Advocate for Sustainable Luxury
  • Richard Crawford – CEO of Richard Crawford Luxury – Video host and luxury influencer
  • Christopher Walkey – CEO of Glass of Bubbly Magazine – Champagne & Sparkling Wine Expert
  • John Simoudis – CEO of Simoudis Image Design – Luxury Brands Expert
  • Abhay Gupta – CEO of Luxury Connect Business School – First and only luxury school in India

Francisco Javier Trigueros Romero

Born in Spain, he has inherited the culture of excellence that from centuries ago allowed this country to give birth to some of the most courageous men and women in history. Tradition, patience and a deep interest for entrepreneurship have converted him in an energetic entrepreneur learning to speak the language of luxury.Conscious that Mother Nature has chosen humans to learn from Her and understand Her laws and be able to replicate them and take care of Her creation, Trigueros has accepted the message to be chosen to improve it and uplift it to its highest levels through craftsmanship, engineering and skills in order to develop unimaginable experiences filled with beauty and love to present and future generations through luxury.

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