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Luxury Italian Resort Unique Hospitality Concept for Second Home

LVDI - Il Distinto - Interior 4Le Ville di Trevinano blends modern design and sustainability into the traditional landscape becoming the first of its kind on the Italian hospitality market.

Le Ville di Trevinano is the premier boutique resort of Le Ville d’Italia that redefines traditional Italian hospitality. The keen eye for comfort combined with the luxury amenities of a hotel, the earth-sheltered design, and stunning landscape of Tuscany.

The combination of arts, cuisine, and naive charm has made Tuscany one of the most attractive destinations in the world. Tuscany offers exceptional locations when it comes to accommodations, ranging from city living to spectacular villas hidden in the idyllic countryside. Now, boutique resort Le Ville di Trevinano is adding a touch of modern beauty to the regal simplicity of the Tuscan landscape.

All In One 5-Star Hotel, Villa and Exclusive Retreat

Tucked away in the north of Lazio, bordering Tuscany and Umbria, just at the foot of the Etruscan hilltop village of Trevinano, you will soon find Le Ville di Trevinano – a new luxury concept that is growing in high demand in the elite hospitality sector.

The resort is an all in one concept 5-star hotel, holiday villa, and exclusive retreat. The unique hospitality concept is designed to be a home away from home combined with the amenities and services of a luxury retreat. This new kid in town is breaking away from the typical Tuscan country house look and introducing clean shallow volumes that are not only sustainable but stunning as well.

LVDI-Il-Mezzo-Interior-1Rooted in the history of these regions, the minimalistic earth-sheltered villas make Le Ville di Trevinano proud to be one of the elite and sustainable resorts in Italy. The resort is designed with a keen eye for luxury and comfort to make each guest enjoy an unforgettable experience. The villas are fully furnished with high quality materials and styled with designer furniture, lighting, and accessories. The wide-open rooms are painted in neutral colors and accented by pieces that complete the overall atmosphere of the
villa. The floor-to-ceiling windows create an appealing and warm setting that invite the visitor to sit and look at the real-life paintings of the surrounding landscape.

“This modern piece of architecture blends seamlessly into the existing environment and nature; a modern boutique resort with a high standard, carefully fitted to its surroundings.”(Bas ten Brinke, owner of 70F architecture) Le Ville di Trevinano marries the rustic nature of the Tuscan hills and modern, sleek design in a harmonious way. It creates unforgettable memories of a holiday under the Tuscany sun. For more information and artist impressions, visit:

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