Luxury Industry Event: The first international luxury recruitment fair EXCELLENCE by Vendôm

EXCELLENCE by The Vendôm Company is the first online recruitment fair for the luxury industry, and one focused on Human Capital.

Confirmed guest speakers include senior executives from Audemars Piguet, Forbes Travel Guide, Chopard and Zenith (LVMH).

A must-attend event for luxury industry actors, EXCELLENCE by Vendôm is an innovative luxury industry event dedicated to luxury professionals including recruiters schools candidates students and partners wishing to meet interact and initiate in collaborations.

The virtual and very interactive days online will offer a unique opportunity;

  • For recruiters to present their professional universe their brand their values their corporate mission and to meet with future potential collaborators
  • For schools to publicize their programs and vision as well as to offer their students privileged access to the luxury market
  • For candidates apply and exchange with their potential employers by highlighting their talents and personalities
  • For students they can apply or become familiar with major players and brands from around the world of luxury.

EXCELLENCE by Vendôm is a human centric event and is based on four major axis.

  1. Luxury recruitment to prepare a rebound from the crisis centre on the human aspects of luxury and luxury hospitality
  2. Luxury’s ambassadors to talk about brands embody their DNA and awaken emotions
  3. Luxury networks to initiate new contacts and ease bridges between luxury recruiters and candidates
  4. Virtuous luxury to create new paradigms that gives value and meaning to new practices

This conference that runs across two days will be dedicated to a series of reflections and exchanges on the inventory and new challenges for luxury related jobs. Thanks to the generosity and enthusiasm of prestigious sponsors and stakeholders including

  • Francois-Henry Bennahmias, President and CEO Audemars Piguet
  • Helene Darroze, three Michelin star chef
  • Philip Boyen CEO Forbes Travel Guide
  • David Sinapian, President, Grand Tables du Monde
  • Alexander Schneider, President Nikki Beach hotels and resorts

And many other high profile guests, the exchanges will be conducted around five main themes;

  1. Fine dining: the new challenges
  2. Luxury and it’s values: between authenticity and innovation
  3. Emotional intelligence: relationships between employees and employers
  4. Corporate culture: leadership and what does this mean for luxury related professions
  5. Ethics and corporate social responsibility: the commitments of Luxury Brands

Dates : October 7, 8 and 9, 2021

To pre-register for the event, send an email to


About The Vendôm Company

Vendôm is the dedicated platform for luxury professionals, a digital tool of the Vendôm company, a company created in 2015 by Laetitia Girard-Mouline to offer relevant recruitment solutions for the world of luxury. Vendôm brings together the best talent. Its investment and human capital development agencies in France and internationally, are led by recruitment professionals who master the codes and requirements of the luxury world. Serving a unique network of more than 16,000 qualified candidates and 300 recruiters Vendôm provides tailored recruitment training, and coaching solutions, and created innovative events dedicated to luxury professionals.

Updated Aug 30, 2021


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