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Luxury Brief: JET CANDY Naturopathic Jet Lag Solution


JET CANDY – Naturopathic Jet Lag Solution

Photo courtesy of Jet Candy. Photo credit: Mark O’Flaherty

Jet Candy brings to a prestigious audience and the world of travel in general, its best kept secret: a secret which is an all-natural homeopathic remedy for jet lag. Since aircraft have taken travel to new heights across time-zones, you can now sit back and enjoy the journey without worry of ill effects in change of time zones.

Jet Candy is a result of 10 years of development, and was launched at ILTM Cannes in 2017.  In addition to allowing the internal body clock to function during long-haul travel, Jet Candy helps with dehydration, disorientation, fatigue and other symptoms associated with the disruption of the circadian rhythms.  

How it works

Allowing the internal body clock to function during long-haul travel, Jet Candy helps with dehydration, fatigue, disorientation, mental sharpness and other symptoms associated with the disruption of the circadian rhythms. The remedy comes in a travel-sized dispenser with a practical pill distributor cap, perfect for carry-on which you can tap, twist and take on the go.

What’s in it

Each bottle contains approx 100 pillules, sufficient for 8 intercontinental flights, and each one is handmade to be a 100% homeopathic remedy developed by one of the most renowned homeopaths around, containing sucrose, arnica, bellis perennis, cocculus, gelsemium and petroleum.

According to one user, international brand consultant Pam Bristow, “There’s nothing as dreaded as the business meeting hours after landing from a transcontinental red-eye. Aside from battling plane air, food trolleys and crowded cabins for a few winks, there is the mental fog. You fight it with pots of coffee and a cold shower to no avail. Unacceptable when you have to be ‘on.’ Enter Jet Candy. It gives you back your best self. A total reset. Day or night. It’s as essential as your passport.”

International celebrity make-up artist Mary Greenwell says that “Jet Candy has served me so many times….I love it!

The King’s Speech actor Robert Portal agrees, saying: “I will never fly long haul again without it…. Buy some or steal some.  Just use it!”

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