LUXURY BRAND PROFILE: Grant Macdonald London Silversmiths


Fine Silver is a Timeless Luxury that never goes out of style

Established almost half a century ago, Grant Macdonald has developed from a commission-only silversmith’s workshop into a multi-divisional luxury bespoke service.

Understanding each customer’s unique vision is the first and most important stage of any bespoke project. After initial consultations, the design and production process may begin with a hand drawn sketch and end in a tour of the workshop, as the final piece is handcrafted by our team of master craftsman. Each and every step is undertaken within the Grant Macdonald workshop, in the very heart of London.

Photo courtesy of Grant Macdonald

Their philosophy of producing objects of rarity, quality and craftsmanship and is at the heart of all the company creates. Their process of fusing centuries old techniques with the latest cutting edge technology, the skilled designers and craftsman at Grant Macdonald realise the true beauty in precious materials, creating timeless objects to be enjoyed for generations to come. Each piece they create is made with uncompromising craftsmanship that defies today’s transient world of mass production and celebrates the making of unique handmade pieces, in London.

Grant Macdonald holds the Royal Warrant as Goldsmiths & Silversmiths to His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales and proudly displays the Royal Arms of His Royal Highness in recognition of this great achievement.

Photo courtesy of Grant Macdonald

The future of the business lies with family, with the addition of Grant Macdonald’s son George who joined the business in 2003 to lead the workshop’s pioneering design experiments with 3D printing. This new technology is inspiring the future of design and manufacturing in the craft of silversmithing. While the trends for silver rise and fall, a bright future exists for craftsmanship as the natural antidote to mass produced items. Ever in pursuit of high aspirations for perfection in design, quality and service. Their philosophy is that “of luxury and legacy, of creating fine workmanship steeped in heritage and designed by innovation. We believe fine precious metals should never be simply admired, but used and cherished by today’s owners, and generations to come.”


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