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Luxury Award 2016 Nominee Luxury Service: Seventy-Thirty Exclusive Matchmaking

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Susie Ambrose Seventy Thirty
Susie Ambrose, CEO Seventy-Thirty Exclusive Matchmaking

seventy thirty logo 400x400THE BRAND STORY AND HISTORY

What is the story of your brand’s development, its history and inspiration for it being founded?

I spotted a gap in the personal introductions market at the beginning of 2000, which then led to the creation of the first exclusive luxury matchmaking company with relationship psychology at its core. While running my psychotherapy practice, I noticed that many of my clients were highly desirable; successful, affluent, intelligent and attractive, yet, because of their busy lifestyles they had difficulty in meeting a compatible partner. Researching the market, there was no other agency offering luxury matchmaking services exclusively to such exceptional people. I decided to take the risk of moving from Psychotherapy to the world of Matchmaking and clearly my service was much needed, as I quickly became very successful and in high demand.

How has your brand evolved over time and how do you see it evolving in the future?

My focus has always been on building a matchmaking agency that delivers what it promises: a brand built through positive word-of-mouth reviews. I had enough contacts within my network to launch the service and I started by making select introductions myself. Success breeds success they say, and, with every successful relationship we achieved, the membership grew exponentially through referrals. Seventy Thirty’s experienced, dynamic psychologists have a genuine passion for helping our members find meaningful connections and long-lasting love.

The name ‘Seventy Thirty’ came about after I read a study that found that successful people spend around 70% of their energy working and 30% for pleasure.

Today, Seventy Thirty is the epitome of luxury and power, the leading exclusive matchmaking company providing world-class services around the globe. Growth is imperative to our success. Breaking rules, conjuring ideas and reinventing vision is what we do, and we do it well.

Describe the essence of your brand and how your products/services exemplify a deep commitment to quality.

With a background in Psychotherapy and a team of Psychologists I developed a personalised, consultative  and highly effective service. Using psychological expertise, experience and strategies, we get to the core of who are Members are, what they need – and then we find it!… Usually… Rather than simply throwing matches at our member, they embark on a journey. Our approach has been highly successful in terms of member experience and business.

luxury awards 2016 service nominee seventy thirtyCOMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE

How do you define and measure excellence? What motivates your focus on quality?

Our bespoke, professional and discreet service has an extremely high success rate, with over 85% of Seventy Thirty members finding a relationship through us. The loveliest symbol of success for us is the fact that so far 56 babies were born out of the relationships created by Seventy Thirty.

Why are maintaining standards of excellence important to your brand?

Seventy Thirty has been noted as the agency responsible for leading the matchmaking industry to becoming the lucrative market place that it is today. When we started, there was no other agency operating at the exclusive luxury end of the market. We had emails from professionals in the dating industry saying that no one will ever pay that much for matchmaking. However, Seventy Thirty made a bold statement, matchmaking exclusively for very prominent individuals who were well-achieved in life and had the resulting high net worth. We paved the way for other agencies entering the market realising that relationships are the most important part of one’s life and one is willing to invest significantly in finding the right partner.

What do you do to ensure that the culture of excellence remains strong in your entire organization?

We know that this is a tough industry and we have learnt how this can affect our clients. We now offer our clients the highest level of service, we are generous with time, we want to encourage a more ethical approach to matchmaking where matchmakers have professional conduct. We employ psychological professionals who are motivated by helping others and who are trained under strict ethical codes.

We regularly blog providing psychological information, advice and guidance. We write in various publications, as well as having published two books. It is only a niche group that can access our service, but we receive emails and post from the general public and we feel it is important for our team to take time to give advice and guidance to those who need it.

What about your processes / systems / how your services are created, feeds your brand’s culture of excellence?

Seventy Thirty has always achieved organic growth. We are focused on ensuring success for each one of our Members knowing personal recommendations will follow. Through this, we have developed a solid membership base in the UK and Europe, also recognising a rapid increase in interest from places such as Singapore and Hong Kong in Asian markets; and New York and Los Angeles in the US. We have therefore, planned to focus our strategy on increasing our membership in Asia and the US, with a 5 year plan to position ourselves as the leading Matchmaking and Introduction Agency in both these areas whilst maintaining our position in the UK and Europe. With a consistently exceptional brand strategy and rich heritage, our growth is a result of meticulous business planning, constantly assessing current performance and re-strategising to meet business objectives.

How do you view the current market for luxury? Why is excellence in such high demand in today’s world?

Wealthy individuals are increasingly seeking out rich experiences over ownership of lavish material possession. Within the luxury market, clients still have the capital to spend, but want to ensure their investments were sensible and yielded return.

What do you wish people knew about your brand?

We have a psychological exclusive matchmaking model and part of this means that we are a learning organisation. We promote learning and development at all levels in our organisation and we are not scared to change, take risks and respond to our environment.

Giving back – We support numerous charitable organisations and have donated over £500,000 since incorporation.

What sets your brand apart from others in your category?

We are the only exclusive luxury matchmaking agency that successfully penetrated Chinese market fours years ago. There is a huge demand for our exclusive matchmaking service in China as a result of rapid economic growth in the past two decades. We recently celebrated a 60% increase in membership intake in Singapore, Hong Kong and Mainland China. To cater to this demand, Seventy Thirty has employed a few Mandarin and Cantonese-speaking individuals.

We have survived tough economic times and aggressive competition and we are still growing:  Seventy Thirty’s heritage began in 2000 when I started matchmaking, today we are one of the leaders in the field, we have learnt after much trial and error, we have survived tough economic times and aggressive competition. We currently stand strong and stable, with a new surge and energy seeing a dramatic increase in business activity over the last 2 years.

What would you recommend to new luxury service brands coming into the marketplace?

Focus on clients and providing the ultimate luxury experience/product for your clients.

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