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Luxury Award 2016 Nominee Luxury Service: Jerry Rose Floral + Event Design

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Jerry Rose ceo
Jerry Rose, CEO and Founder Jerry Rose Floral + Event Design



What is the story of your brand’s development, its history and inspiration for it being founded?

As a 3rd generation floral designer, I had a proud heritage to uphold. My grandfather founded his floral studio in New Jersey over 60 years ago. Twenty-six years ago, the company name was changed to Jerry Rose and more recently renamed Jerry Rose Floral and Event Design, to fully capture the breadth of experience I offer my clients. Essential to achieving our vision was a dedicated world-class customer service philosophy with a consistent commitment to surpassing client expectations. Our dedication to a world-class, client-focused philosophy was essential to achieving our commitment to honoring client expectations.. That philosophy became the foundation through which we work with all our clients. It orients our actions and reinforces our ongoing goal of excellence.

How has your brand evolved over time and how do you see it evolving in the future?

From at home and event florals, we expanded to include comprehensive, themed environments and destinations. As our client relationships developed, they began to request additional services. With a clientele that enjoys a definitively global lifestyle, we oriented our services to provide bespoke design support. We synchronize with their individual requests and timelines: from updating their gardens with seasonal plantings, to decoratively readying their homes at the appropriate time of year, and installing festive holiday decor. Our goal to evolve our brand and enhance the design services we provide is to introduce a complete line of decorative items for the home, garden and events.

Please describe the essence of your brand and how your products/services exemplify a deep commitment to quality.

We are an elite floral and event design service catering to a luxury clientele, providing custom hand-selected flowers and accessories of the finest quality. We source and use materials from only the best, most trusted vendors. We conceptualize and design unique, high calibre themed events customized for each client. Our quality is evident in every detail; we nurture and maintain personal relationships with our clients, always making them feel they are our top priority. Similar to a chef who personally approves each plate before leaving the kitchen, I personally ensure each element of our installations meet our meticulous standards.

JERRY Rose floral and event design luxury award nominee luxury service 2016 - luxury lifestyle magazine - eat love savorCOMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE

How do you define and measure excellence? What motivates your focus on quality?

The beauty of nature motivates and inspires me. Much in the same way nature is splendid in all it produces, I design my installations to best showcase that same natural beauty. I believe that consistency creates trust, which exists at the cornerstone of my business. Our clients place their complete trust in us to craft breathtaking experiences for them and their guests.

Why are maintaining standards of excellence important to your brand?

The value of the Jerry Rose name is never taken lightly. We work consistently to gain and never betray the trust of the client. That trust and discretion guarantees that meaningful brand relationships are consistently cultivated. In every facet of my business, excellence is the only accepted norm.

What do you do to ensure that the culture of excellence remains strong in your entire organization?

All staff, collaborators and service resources that represent Jerry Rose undergo extensive training on the services we offer and, more specifically, the art of service excellence. We acquaint them with all manner of top level service with strict attention to detail. They learn the importance of anticipating a client’s requests, maintaining complete discretion, keeping a low profile and always knowing what is expected. We source only the best products, the more desirable plants and stems, and work only with artisans who stand out within their respective design fields. Our team seeks to create the best experience for our clients that will exceed their expectations.Every aspect of what we do for a client is personalized and reflects their needs. Each member functions with the same intent — to inspire joy and delight in our guests.

What about your processes / systems / how your services are created, feeds your brand’s culture of excellence?

Our goal is to foster a feeling of complete trust and reliability among our clients. We want them to know they can always depend on us to meet their needs. Timeliness is critical to our business and we have a proprietary structure in place that ensures deadlines are met without compromise. A follow-up system of continued after-care is always part of our service, making the company’s resources consistently available to our clients. We insist on the highest level of internal and external communication and response time. When it comes to product and materials, we source and use only flowers of the finest quality, having worked with some of our vendors for over 60 years.

How do you view the current market for luxury? Why is excellence in such high demand in today’s world?

Many companies vie for a position within the luxury marketplace though, I find some falling short of their promise. Within that competitive space, where the customer is the decision maker, they want the assurance they are getting the inherent value purported in the product. The demand for luxury is certainly there, however, the way the market is delivering it is different. Because many purveyors of luxury products have created ancillary lines and others have not upheld their original luxury positioning, the demand for excellence is increasing. Additionally, the ability to have access to unique experiences has multiplied exponentially, thereby creating higher expectations among the luxury consumer. Even within the luxury market, there is a great deal of sameness. People are seeking custom and different, tailored to their unique tastes. Personalization creates that new hallmark of service excellence and distinguishes true luxury experiences.

What do you wish people knew about your brand?

We are a full service lifestyle design firm with a deep commitment to our clients’ and community. We seek to enhance the total fabric of our community, taking an active role in our locale and the charities based within. We believe this is important on every level of our organization and involve our employees and clients in the causes we deem meaningful. Our passion extends beyond flowers and events, and we are proud of our affiliations with The PG Chambers School, the New Jersey Theater Alliance, The Jewish Museum and the Connie Dwyer Breast Center, Susan G Komen North Jersey Affiliate, and the Franciscan Charities.

What sets your brand apart from others in your category?

The essence of my business is creating happy memories, not just favorable impressions. The extent of services along with the diversity of offerings distinguishes us in the floral and event design category. Our depth of expertise affords the ability to offer and execute greater creative diversity. For example, we provide exterior and interior decor assistance for our clients. Prior to returning from vacation or their seasonal homes, our clients have us prepare their houses with appropriate floral and plant life, decorative holiday treatments, etc. Equally important is the passion I have for what I do. My work is never approached with repetition, but rather each new project is an opportunity for a fresh creative approach, implemented and completed with enthusiasm and painstaking care.

What would you recommend to new luxury brands coming into the marketplace?

First and foremost, have a marketing strategy and clearly defined brand positioning. This will help them understand their audience better and address their needs more effectively. Find your point of difference and work with top people who understand the level of client with whom they want to work. Research thoroughly and get to know the intended client base. Make the ultimate in service the top priority. Innovate consistently; be different to stand out from the competition. Be very clear as to who their competition is and make it their business to know what they are doing. Lastly, and most important, always deliver what is promised.

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