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Luxury Athleisure Is Here To Stay: Discover The Brands To Know

Advantageous cuts and beautiful designs (check), luxurious fabrics (check), versatility and comfort that support you through the day (check check check).

Nearly every luxury fashion brand in the world is exploring the activewear trend this year with new and exciting collections.

Ever since activewear transitioned from fashion unacceptable to in vogue, luxury activewear is giving us a run for our money (pun intended). You’ve probably seen the trend everywhere and worn by everyone, including your favourite celebrities.

Premium athleisure has become both a lifestyle choice and a luxury trend that is here to stay. Many brands are now offering activewear lines to fit multi-faceted luxury lifestyles.


The fashion boom makes for a confusing environment, however. With a constantly evolving market, you might have a hard time knowing exactly which brands really go the extra mile with their design and fabrics to justify a premium price. You now have many options to choose from when it comes to your work out attire but it can indeed become a little bit overwhelming.

To help you, Luxe Digital just published the most comprehensive list of the best luxury athleisure brands that exist today. The guide is a curated selection of the top activewear brands available both online and offline.

The clothes to match an active luxury lifestyle

From athleisure wear designed by Beyoncé to high-end sportswear created in collaboration with Rihanna, you’ll be sure to look Instagram-ready when at the gym or out and about. You can indeed wear premium athleisure brands in most situations. Granted, some of the brands listed in the guide are so trendy that you’ll rather wear them to hang out than to work out. Nevertheless, they remain legit functional activewear.

Chic activewear has become a wardrobe staple. One of the hottest trends in fashion, athleisure is casual wear that combines high-quality athletic staples with versatile leisurewear to offer the utmost comfort whilst maintaining style.

Focusing less on sportswear as technical apparel, and more as a lifestyle, athleisure can be worn anywhere, anytime.


Warning: Once you start buying into luxury workout clothes, you’ll be wearing them everywhere all the time.

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