luxury brands getting it right - eat love savor luxury lifestyle magazine
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Luxury Appeal: 4 Brands Getting It Right

luxury brands getting it right - eat love savor luxury lifestyle magazine

Connoisseurs of luxury don’t follow trends, they set them.

And the highest end luxury brands do the same. These brands understand that not only must they deliver the exceptional level of uncompromising quality high end luxury consumers have come to expect but they must do so while delivering a personalized, one of kind product and experience. If you’re looking for luxury appeal, these four brands are definitely getting it right.

golden concept - eat love savor luxury lifestyle magazine

Golden Concept

Personalization and customized touches are two very big draws in the high end luxury market and for Golden Concept, they are a way of doing business. The company specializes in customized phone cases made out of materials such as gold, rose gold, and platinum as well as snake skin and crocodile leather. For those who want to stand out, Golden Concept delivers.

Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce has stayed at the top of their game by never compromising on its mission of designing not just an automobile but an experience. The affordability of their cars is of no concern because profit margins aren’t the brand’s focus. This is in stark contrast to other luxury brands which have compromised by offering cars in more affordable price ranges. These autos fall into the medium household luxury category and affect how the brand is perceived – which is no longer entirely as a strictly high end luxury automobile.

Jacob and Co - eat love savor luxury lifestyle magazine

Jacob & Co

Like Rolls Royce, watch and jewelry purveyor Jacob & Co. doesn’t figure cost into their product line or marketing. Their jewelry prices all have the potential to go upwards into the seven figure range, such as their bedazzled Astronomia timepiece featuring 124 triangle-cut diamonds. On the other hand, some luxury watch brands are heading in the opposite direction, with affordable offerings at only $10,000. While this is certainly pumping up those companies’ bottom lines, it won’t increase the brand’s appeal with higher end clients.

Alinea - eat love savor luxury lifestyle magazine


Alinea in Chicago is a restaurant that has received widespread acclaim. However, Alinea’s approach and philosophy behind food is completely different from other similarly Michelin-starred eateries. Essentially, Alinea’s focus is on the presentation of something new and exciting for every meal, which is in stark contrast to the almost monotonous pace traditional haute cuisine often works to. Alinea brings out the fun in food, the exploration of new flavors and textures whereas many more traditional restaurants have the feel of a fine dining establishment that takes one back in time to a place where men wore dapper suits and women could be seen smoking from a cigarette holder. Both restaurants certainly have appeal but for very different audiences. Alinea has embraced innovation as a culinary point of view while others have stayed with a more classical take.

What the above brands understand is that appealing to high end luxury consumers is just as much about what not to do, such as not yielding to public opinion, not following the market, and not thinking only about profit margins. Instead, they are setting their own trends, adhering to their own uncompromising standards, and delivering that “je ne sais quoi” that only comes with experience and savvy.

Known as “The Prince of Luxury” Noel Shu’s clientele includes billionaires, celebrities, and royal families. Shu brings expertise and panache through the finest wines, spirits, and jewelry of unparalleled quality. Recently, Shu launched a new wine Majestic Ruby under his company Un Joyau Majestueux which debut at the Oscars Celebrity Luxury Lounge prior to its national launch.