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Luxurious Living: Personal Chefs – Not Just for the Elite Anymore

As generations have realized goals of higher education and more economic freedom, there has been a growing trend to enjoy the opulence of specialized, personal service.

Having a personal chef is considered a symbol of the elite. Not that long ago a personal chef was hired only for special occasions amongst the affluent. Now it’s not uncommon to find the service of a private chef more of a daily occurrence. In addition to being convenient, personal chefs provide a valuable service to their clients, often creating culinary delights for highly specialized diets and thereby making dietary restrictions easy to abide by. Imagine how luxurious it is to not have to actually cook all your own meals, but rather have someone greet you at the end of the day with a hot meal made to your specifications!

In House Fine Dining with Your Own Personal Chef

Personal culinary design goes beyond gourmet food prepared in the home, it’s the mark of a sophisticated lifestyle sought after by many with cuisine tailored to satisfy the palate and dietary needs of each individual client. In modern society where convenience is paramount and time is an ever growing and precious commodity, a personal chef can add more than simple elegance to life. It allows one to relax knowing there is a hot meal waiting at the end of a long day.  For those interested in finding personal chefs near their home, the American Personal & Private Chef Association allows people to search for customized cuisine regardless of their global location.

The History of The Personal Chef

Culinary history often has the tastiest of stories. Historians validate that street vendors and public caterers worked steadily in Ancient Rome, and the rich and famous have enjoyed the services of personal chefs for hundreds of years. It is rumored that Napoleon’s personal chef invented Chicken Marengo for his notably finicky boss. Art Smith gained accolades as he has been instrumental in Oprah’s well publicized weight loss, has gone on to write cookbooks, and enjoyed a career in the spotlight. Another famous former personal chef is Food Network star and cookbook author, Giada DeLaurentis. More than one personal chef to England’s royal family have seen cook books filled with royal anecdotes along with favorite recipes. It is from this colorful and grand tradition the modern personal chef descends. A rich history dating back to ancient times, a personal chef that prepares cuisine in your home is an intimate experience in which to revel. More than convenient, it is stress free personal catering. As society continues to evolve, so does the role of the personal chef.

The Future of Personal Chefs

What does not change is the prestige attached to having the luxury of one’s own personal chef. Indulge in this growing trend of ‘practical extravagance’ and taste treasures created in your home as only having a private chef can.

Candy Wallace Founder and Director of the APPCA (American Personal & Private Chef Association) shared with Eat Love Savor her thoughts on the future of personal chefs.:

Thankfully the economy in North America appears to finally be turning a corner, and with it, penny-pinching and sacrifice have gotten old. But contrary to what many people think, personal-chef services are not relegated to the wealthy. That really couldn’t be further from the truth. We’ve always said you don’t have to be a celebrity to eat like one. Personal-chef programs are eminently affordable, and each one is custom designed based on the level of service a client is looking for and his or her unique wants and needs.

“Next year, while everyone who can afford it will indulge in more luxuries, people will demand value defined by the quality of the experience. For personal chefs, this means that clients who cut back on personal-chef services during the recession will seek those real-life meal solutions again. But the landscape has changed. It used to be that each client defined ‘value’ differently. For some it was price, for others, convenience, and for still others, service quality and breadth. In the emerging ‘new’ economy, personal-chef clients will seek varying degrees of all three.”

Looking for your own personal chef in the USA? Check out their database. American Personal & Private Chef Association:

by Jennifer Tousey

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