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Luxurious, Lingering Meals. Discover: Winter Brunch

There is something magical about the frosty air of winter. Brisk winds and chilly temperatures cause us to bundle up and share the warmth of home with the people we care about.

Following the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, winter brunches are a thoughtful and elegant way to slow down and catch up with family and friends. Brunch is a meal that combines both breakfast and lunch and is typically served later in the morning on weekends.

The Warmth of a Winter Brunch

Hosting a winter brunch offers a feast for the senses as guests walk in from the cold to the flickering of a warm fire and the delectable aromas of winter cooking. The pale palate of the season is enlivened by a colorful buffet of quiches, hearty breads and soup. Spice things up by offering menu selections with traditional winter spices. Nutmeg and cinnamon are showcased in muffins, pancakes, soups, and warm drinks. Apples, cranberries, and pomegranates make excellent garnishes and work well served as stand alones.

Perfect Beverages for a Winter Meal

For a healthy drink, vibrant Clementine and Satsuma oranges provide color and a zip of citrus flavor plus an extra serving of vitamin C for those needing an immune boost. Choose freshly squeezed orange or grapefruit juice providing a true toast to health. Other beverage choices include rum toddies, hot chocolate and special coffees served in sugar rimmed mugs and topped with freshly whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles. Cinnamon sticks and peppermint candy canes provide a whimsical stir stick.

Finishing Touches to Your Brunch

  • Use unscented flowers and candles so nothing competes with the aroma of your dishes.
  • Minimize stress with cooking some items the day before and simply reheating before guests arrive.
  • If serving a buffet, stack plates at the beginning then napkins and cutlery at the end so guests don’t have to carry a lot while dishing up.
  • Place food and beverage locations away from each other.
  • Decorate to highlight the winter wonderland outside. Use doilies, sparkling confetti, themed napkins and seasonal foliage.

A winter brunch will warm the hearts of all who cross the thresh hold and bask in the luxury of your hospitality. Gather those you love and make memories as you break bread with fine food and good company. So the weather outside may be frightful, but as the old carol goes, ‘let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!’

by Jennifer Tousey

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