Casino gardens Monaco

Lovingly restored; the Casino Gardens of Monaco returned to their former glory

The Casino gardens and terraces of Monaco are one of the most visited locations in the Principality, up there with the Prince’s Palace, the Casino de Monte-Carlo and the Port of Hercules lined with some of the world’s most sumptuous superyachts.

Created at the end of the 1800s by renowned architect Edouard Andre who was tasked with turning barren rock into a lavish stage for the Casino de Monte-Carlo, the gardens became a focal point for residents and visitors to Monaco alike.

Casino gardens Monaco

Many sought out the calm ambience of the landscaped gardens complete with waterfalls, streams and even a pond where ducks could be found cooling off in the Mediterranean sun.

Known as the Boulingrins, a name which is derived from bowling greens, the sunken gardens became a popular place for local families and tourists to gather throughout the year.

Casino garden and terrace top view

However, all this changed in 2013 when the Casino gardens and terraces made way for five futuristic pavilions more akin to life on Mars than in the depths of Mediterranean Monaco. In fact, the construction of the buildings took just over a year, but for many, it seemed like the ‘pods’ had always been there.

Casino Garden Monaco Pavillons

The Casino Gardens of Monaco; an iconic landmark

The pavilions were the brainchild of architects Cherif Jahlan and Richard Martinet who designed the impressive temporary buildings at a cost of 17 million euros to house luxury stores such as Alexander McQueen, Sonia Rykiel, and Chanel.

Positioned on a sloping path which led towards the Casino de Monte-Carlo, the pavilions and the nearby coffee stalls quickly became an iconic landmark in Monaco.

But in 2018, the pavilions were demolished even more quickly than they appeared in time for the luxury brands to be rehoused in the impressive One Monte-Carlo, also home to some of the most prestigious Monaco property for sale.

Casino garden Monaco Pavillions by night

The new development which was opened last year allowed for the Casino gardens of Monaco to be lovingly restored, much to the delight of many Monegasques and visitors to Monte-Carlo.

Visitors to the Casino gardens and terraces will notice that while some of the overall layout of the park has been changed, much of the garden remains as it was well over a century ago when it was created by Monsieur Andre.

So, next time you find yourself in need of a little peace and tranquillity head to the newly restored Casino gardens of Monaco and take a moment to set pause on the stresses of day-to-day life.

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