Love and Relationships: Make Time for Your Partner

Sometimes, maintaining a successful career and a relationship, along with various other commitments, can seem impossible.

We all know the danger of not putting enough effort into our romantic relationships. Yet we still find it very difficult to do ‘more’, however much we may long for more attention, appreciation and intimacy ourselves. How do we make time for love?

Plan a date night

While you may not have much spare time, make sure you schedule some quality time with your partner, doing something special to you both. This will give you something to look forward to. During stressful times, having something to look forward to evokes feelings of excitement and joy, which can lift us when we are feeling down.

Use technology

If your work requires you to travel, you may be away from your partner for long periods of time, which can put a strain on the relationship. To ease the fact that you are away from them, arrange a time to speak over WhatsApp, Skype or webcam. Speaking to your partner face to face (well, almost…), despite the distance between you, keeps communication going and means you stay involved in each other’s lives.

Make sure they know you are thinking about them

Although your partner may understand your busy lifestyle, it is crucial not to take this for granted. You don’t want your partner to feel neglected! To stop this from happening, send them little reminders that you are thinking about them. This can be as simple as sending them a text message in the morning just to say hello and that you miss them. Reminding your partner that you miss them as much as they miss you will make them feel more secure in the relationship and remind them of how important they are to you.

Resolve arguments

Time away from your partner can be an opportunity to resolve conflict. In the heat of the moment an argument can escalate and we end up saying things we regret. Having some time away allows you to step back from the situation, reflect on any issues you are having, and address them when you are feeling calmer and more level-headed. By the same token, do not use this as an excuse to avoid confronting a situation or even as a way to punish your partner by not speaking to them, as this could make the problem worse. Let your partner know you love them, but you’re upset with them at the moment and need some time alone to calm down.

Snatch the small moments

It’s easy to fill time with trivialities. These are the moments that you and your partner could snatch to build real closeness. Having a quick glass of wine together before bed, or taking a moment to light some candles before watching a movie, can add romance and ambience to your evening. When you are travelling, think about how you could treat your partner or make them feel special.

Schedule trips away

However busy you are, blocking out time in your calendar, just as you would do for other areas of your life, is the key to creating magic. Getting away is a treat for the brain as it is a complete break from the norm and all your senses have new experiences to process. Who better to share this with, and create new memories with, than your partner?


You can have a successful career and a successful relationship. Taking on board these simple ideas can help your relationship blossom, even during your busiest times.

Susie Ambrose

Psychotherapist and Expert in Relationships, couples therapy, relationship guidance, self-development, self-growth, marriage and family advicer. Founder of Seventy Thirty, the first Exclusive Luxury #Matchmaking Company, finding life partners for #affluent #single people. Co-Author of The Mottos book.

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