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Testimonials, Reader and Follower Love and Praise for EAT LOVE SAVOR

At EAT LOVE SAVOR, we love hearing from our beloved readers! Your letters, emails and notes are appreciated whether its about what you love about the magazine, something you would like to see us improve upon or add, or perhaps it a brand, artist or artisan you’d like to see featured. To share your thoughts with us, please contact us.


EAT LOVE SAVOR® International Luxury Lifestyle Magazine – a distinguished magazine holds a dear place in my heart, it is a celebration of life in harmony with Beauty. Curated with Love and Joy, and crafted with stunning photographs and words that draw us in – a window to the world of Luxury in its purest form. We experience the gift of Arts and Culture, Fine Jewelry, Real Estate, Antiques, Treasured Books, Jets, and Yachts in this special magazine. Angela Tunner, founder and publisher personally curates this Luxury Lifestyle Magazine. I appreciate her dedication to her readers, and her personal touch she shares in her communication. In addition to the digital magazines, I enjoy the Beautiful and timeless Bookazines, designed as a coffee table book to delight in at the end of the day or on a relaxing weekend. It is a pleasure to be part of EAT LOVE SAVOR® International Luxury Lifestyle Magazine community.

~ Lancia Soans, Luxury Lifestyle Advisor, Artist and Designer – Lancia Designs

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“Of all the luxury magazines I have come across over the years, @eatlovesavor has consistently maintained the highest quality of insightful articles and interviews taking readers behind the products to understand the history and inspiring artisans and craftspeople behind some of the most exquisite possessions. Furthermore, the bookazine is not simply a showcase of expensive goods. Anyone can do that. What sets EAT LOVE SAVOR apart is its ardent desire to educate and inspire the reader to discover and create their own measure of luxury in their daily lives beyond mere possessions. There is a mindset that one must cultivate to maintain and authenticity about how they live and move throughout this world. And EAT LOVE SAVOR provides this spark with each issue.”

~ The Luxury Curatress, Aamaal Y. Abdul-Malik, Luxury Brand, Digital & Customer Experience Strategist.

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EAT LOVE SAVOR International Luxury Lifestyle, a magazine of rare beauty. Jewelry, fine wines, yachts, property, hotels, perfumes, arts and culture, travel destinations, engaging stories are featured with refinement. I wish I could find more often the print edition in classy hotels, restaurants, airlines and clubs. Chapeau, Angela Tunner. You are so fluent in the language of luxury!

~ Antonio Paraiso, Luxury + Marketing + Innovation Speaker and Consultant


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I wanted to take some time before I wrote back to you regarding my thoughts on your print issue because I wanted to ensure that I was able to capture everything that it made me feel when I opened its pages. What a wonderful creation you have made! I loved the weight and heft of the pages — this added a tangible feel of luxury to the reading experience. I’m still savoring the articles, but I really enjoyed paging through the imagery. It truly was a delightful experience, and I do hope that your readers are aware of the uniqueness of this experience, as it is completely ad-free. I really marveled at how pressure-free this made perusing the pages. This made it seem like a truly curated experience, not one falsely influenced by advertising dollars.

My husband, who is a very laid-back gentleman under normal circumstances, actually exclaimed “Oh my God!” when he saw the magazine for the first time, then he took it from me and paraded it about to parts unknown, to all and sundry! Suffice it to say that he loved it as much as I did. I applaud your skill and talent in this manifestation of all things luxury.

~ Nikki Glenn Luxury Event Entertainer https://www.yachtviolinist.com/

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EAT LOVE SAVOR… an invitation to embrace the beauty of life in all its manifestations. A welcomed summer breeze in the luxury media world and a window to discover people, places and stories that remind us that besides extraordinary products and services luxury is about being extraordinary; with our own selves, with the others and with the planet. The only path that leads us to the higher meaning of authenticity, uniqueness and wealth.
~ Blanca López, Founding Partner, Les Belles Maison
A global culture company, dedicated to the process of cultural transformation in our society.
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We have long since been huge fans of EAT LOVE SAVOR’s globally popular website and reporting style. We love the variety of luxury lifestyle and fashion advice that you feature and so effectively present to your followers through exciting articles and beautiful photography. We feel that your reporting style is far more unique and genuine in comparison to the vast majority of sites which can often seem very homogeneous – The personal nature of your website & social media, the considered approach you take to your writing, the connection with the readers and evident passion for integrity in the fashion industry makes your magazine a real joy to read.”

~ DUKE & DEXTER London, England

Magazine Readers and Social Media Follower Love

With such informative and insightful articles, beautiful and elegant displays of luxury, it is truly our pleasure… Cheers! – Beau Satchelle

KRISSYJackens @eatlovesavormag ~Of course~ Always adore your tweets #EatLoveSavorMagazine

@LidiaMonroe I just love @eatlovesavormag! Every woman should read it daily. ♥

@nibblesbynic Very true! I just started getting your magazine. It is superb 🙂

@shop_ninaThank you for following. Love your unusual blend of history and luxury – esp’ when related to Coco Chanel. Mais bien sur.
@PoshPopcorn @angelatunner not only are your tweets entertaining but quite informational! Luv.
@AgenceMercure I am proud to announce that we are partnering with @angelatunner one of the most respected person in the world of #luxury living media
@writerobinson Beautiful magazine! I’m in love.
@swisstekwatches Thank you for your kind words, it’s our pleasure to be associated with your publication.
@FrancoiseM #ff for a decadent & divine online mag EAT LOVE SAVOR > a must read http://angelatunner.com/
@AbbottGiftware  Yes! That’s definitely something beneficial to all readers! From your desktop, your iPad (or print if you like) 🙂
@petervalcarcel thank you for following. GREAT magazine!
@richart_usa  Thank you so much! It’s an honor and we’re thrilled you like “Oh la la!” as much as we do, because we love you! Happy tasting!

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@DiamondJewellry Twitter has made things very easier to know about wonderful people around us like you. Glad to follow you. cheers!

@ImenM i LOVE your website & ethos..so brilliant.

@OregonGrowers (your website) I was just looking at it, it’s gorgeous! Wow!

@avance34 Mad love for @angelatunner ‘s approach and mag… farmer profiles, spa trains, recipes and decor? Heaven.

@deannaraybourn: Absolutely adore @angelatunner. And visiting her website is like taking a tiny luxury vacation without leaving your desk. #FF

@justhannef: @angelatunner She’s just so poised and I don’t knw..there’s something about her that ladies out there could learn something from.

baisebeige : @angelatunner Edible luxury & comfort! Your tweets are my subtle reminder to always dwell in a place of delight! Thank you for sharing!, @angelatunner Thank you for the RT! I always find a touch of the sublime in your posts!

@francispedraza : #FF @angelatunner FINALLY someone who is not ashamed of luxury and being classy! Check out her blog and site. #insanelygreat

@baisebeige : @angelatunner It’s my pleasure to encourage my friends to welcome joy and luxury into their social network timelines. I appreciate you!

@ErinRaimondo : Only #FF to @angelatunner – In a stream full of ppl proud to be stressed and overworked, her tweets are perfect moments of calm & beauty.

@20BestTwenty : @angelatunner we love Eat Love Savor Magazine. love your whole concept and design!

@dan_pg I finally understand the Louis-Vuitton brand through this video. https://eatlovesavor.com/vintage-luggage-the-trunk/ (via @sociablesite) Very nice!
@Firm9Designthanks for following http://firmninedesign.com. we love you and think you are very awesome!
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@jzandf @eatlovesavormag Nothing more sweet than luxury. Loving what we see here
@JudiRothenbergjust took my first look at http://EatLoveSavor.com, a splendid site and publication!
@dempsterbeach Beautiful magazine, it’s the one to have!
@FreideCo @angelatunner BTW, i love Eat Love Savor! #AWESOMENESS
@PandoraLuxLinen Absolutely!! @angelatunner We love, love your “Eat Love Savor Magazine” http://angelatunner.com/ + have a fabulous day!!

@visionbuilt @angelatunner Thanks for the follow….great to have you with us, love the magazine!

@comtedescierges Thanks for following us @angelatunner and great job with your new eMagazine, it looks great and very similar to our upcoming publication

@PhilipPressPlat Just flipped through the digital version & will be sure to get print version of @EatLoveSavor. Our clients will love it, too.

@PhilipPressPlat Extraordinary achievement – can’t wait to read your beautiful publication! @EatLoveSavor@angelatunner
@jacksontalent The summer issue of #EatLoveSavor is excellently done!!! Bravo!!!
@PrestonBurke_ Serious Burke Recommend For all things good————–>
@angelatunner#EatLoveSavorMagazine We Love this Magazine. Check it out 4 sure!

@WordsAreFood@angelatunner Thanks so much! Was going 2 tweet #FF 4 u b/c ur words so inspire the imagination and soothe the soul:)

@dujourmag#FF @angelatunner for the most amazing food & lifestyle brand you ever did see

@dall625: @angelatunner you’re welcome on the RT’s I enjoy seeing you in my timeline. I tend to pause a moment & reevaluate things going on in my life

@poshbrood: Hi Angela, thanks for the follow. Love love love your site!

@PaulBlomfield : @angelatunner Hey – the new magazine looks fantastic! Looking forward to seeing a print edition. http://ow.ly/35fTL

MarabouBarbie : @angelatunner amazing Holiday Gift Guide!! Very elegant gifts!!

@ChampagneBureau : Happy #FF to @angelatunner whose retweets are so generously upping our follower numbers

@NTULICIANO : Beautiful Mag, I’m actually online now checking out your site! Love the photos, jst makes one thirsty lol! @angelatunner EatLoveSavorMagazine

@patrickawuk : @angelatunner EAT LOVE SAVOR could be huge!

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