strateget A look at how Stratajet has changed private aviation - EAT LOVE SAVOR International Luxury Lifestyle Magazine
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A look at how Stratajet has changed private aviation

strateget A look at how Stratajet has changed private aviation - EAT LOVE SAVOR International Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

Private jets, on the face of it, are a hassle-free luxury. But dig a little deeper and you discover that, while some aircraft are indeed luxurious, the means of booking them has historically been far from hassle-free.

The concept of being able to charter a jet to meet bespoke travel needs was developed with efficiency in mind – to get travellers across the world as quickly as possible. And it’s true that, once booked, private jets provide a seamless means of getting from A to B. No airport queues; no waiting in line to pass through security; no hassle.

Stratajet was founded in 2011 by Jonathan Nicol, a former RAF fighter pilot, turned computer scientist, and they boast the most sophisticated technology in the private jet industry, making it the only platform capable of filtering through millions of calculations in mere seconds to return all the available aircraft for any given flight search. The result is more options of aircraft to charter at the lowest costs and Stratajet is unique in allowing customers to then book at the click of a button

Simplifying Private Jet Booking

The means of actually booking has barely changed since the inception of private aviation. The reality of the industry is one riddled with inefficiencies and wastage, and one that is struggling to attract new customers, due to its old-fashioned ways.

Still largely governed by manual processes, fliers have historically been at the mercy of brokers to oversee their travel requirements. Brokers will put flight requests out to a network of aircraft operators, who have to calculate the cost of each flight on a case-by-case basis. Whereas aggregators like Skyscanner and Expedia make it easy to book seats on commercial aircraft, the nature of private jet travel – in that it offers a bespoke service – brings with it the need to calculate the cost of every potential flight from scratch. Due to the complexity of these costs [there are 15 sets of fees involved, each with hundreds of variables], the most experienced aircraft operator will take around 20 minutes to return each quote. This is followed by negotiation with your broker if you’re not happy with the prices you receive – a time-consuming process.

What’s more, operators can often be reticent to provide quotes to first-time fliers, since the risk of the flight not being taken up is higher than a regular private jetsetter. The result has been a slowly ageing customer base across private aviation, with the industry struggling to attract new and younger audiences.

Technology Improves the Process

Until now, the technology has not existed to filter through all these fee variables for every single available aircraft and return accurate prices of flights. But that’s where visionary entrepreneur Jonny Nicol comes in. The former military officer and pilot, turned computer scientist, had a dream of streamlining the private jet booking process after noticing these inefficiencies.

This dream came true in the form of Stratajet, the first platform that gives travellers direct access to the private jet marketplace.

Because of the complexity of the quoting process, the technology took five years to build – this included gathering all the necessary data, building it into an algorithm complex enough to filter through upwards of 2.5million calculations and optimising the system to do this fast enough to be a viable consumer proposition. The first time the team ran a search, it took 20 minutes to return the results, but the team was eventually able to get this down to the 10 seconds that the system currently runs at.

With this revolutionary technology behind the scenes, Stratajet gives control back to the flier. Passengers are able to compare accurate costs of as many as 50 flights in seconds, see the details of specific aircraft and book instantly. Through this means of booking – giving fliers direct access to the private jet marketplace – Stratajet has made it easier than ever before to get from A to B, while the accuracy of the pricing means customers won’t be stung with any additional charges post-flight.

Knowing that an impeccable level of customer service is a must to customers who expect the very best from their travel experience, Stratajet also employs a round-the-clock, dedicated customer service team that works with its passengers to customise any element of their flight.

Stratajet allows you to search, compare and book from the largest choice of private jets available for charter at the best prices, instantly. Visit

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