Little Emperors Provides The Ultimate Personalised Holiday Experience For Members Through Its Advanced Technology

Little Emperors  exemplifies how technology can be used to create personalised vacations by truly understanding its members and tailoring each offering to specific preferences. There has been a recent and significant shift in mindsets toward technology, and while it was previously thought that reducing human touch and interaction would depersonalize an experience, Little Emperors demonstrates how the use of technology actually increases personalisation.

Little Emperors has invested time and money in improving the MyLE app, introducing a cutting-edge search bar that allows members to make unique requests, allowing the app to suggest the most relevant and personalized recommendations. From requesting a list of hotels that use a specific type of pool water to requesting a list of hotels that have a peloton bike in the room, Little Emperors can accommodate any request!

Rebecca Masri, Founder of Little Emperors comments:

“It is important for us to understand our members and their behaviour, and to use that information responsibly to give them exactly what they want in a practical, tactical way. Little Emperors’ purpose is providing value in luxury; our members can extend preferred rates or enjoy exclusive upgrades but, equally, our technology allows us to create an extremely personal service for our members, helping curate their experience by being incredibly accurate with our recommendations.”

Technology Personalising Experiences

Little Emperors advanced forward-thinking technology and optimized search engine assists members in finding bespoke hotel trips and experiences that are perfectly tailored to their needs and personal preferences. The technology enables the company to target its members with personalized marketing and to anticipate what its members want before they do! Little Emperors will make relevant suggestions that incorporate a member’s usual requests for members who stay in adjoining rooms or who may always request a specific type of pillow.

Optimized Search Engine

Bookings have never been easier; Little Emperors’ optimized search engine allows members to enter specific requests and be presented with a list of hotels in the desired location that provide this service. Among Little Emperor’s most unusual requests are:

  • A hotel in the area that provides a Peloton bike in the room
  • Hotels in the area that have a salt water pool, rather than chlorine
  • A hotel that provides a view of the Eiffel Tower from the room
  • A hotel that provides a separate living room from the bedroom
  • A hotel under 30 minutes from the airport with a kid’s club that can accommodate a four-year old.

Little Emperors has made booking the perfect getaway that much easier and more personal by being able to accommodate specific requests.

An App That Understands Its Users

Little Emperors can make recommendations based on the preferences of a member’s entire family if members choose to share certain information. Whether a member travels with a nanny, requires disability access, or has a child training to be a professional tennis player, Little Emperors makes smart suggestions, saving time and making the booking process easier.

Features Of The App

  • Six Month Calendar Feature – Little Emperors has introduced a new six-month calendar feature allowing members to see availability at a specific hotel within a six-month period. For flexible travellers set on a specific hotel, this feature is particularly useful.
  • Availability Alert – Members are now able to select a hotel that is fully booked and receive alerts when a room becomes available.
  • Rate Updates – Little Emperors will update members if a rate has dropped by more than 5% since the time the booking was made and will adjust the payment made.
  • Room Imagery & Floor Plans – Members are now able to see room-specific images and floor plans when selecting a room to book.

Using Technology To Reduce Touchpoints

Following Covid-19, technology is now being recognized as a relevant and necessary change in the travel industry, with hoteliers now having to rethink their services. As a result, many hotels have begun to invest in developing hotel apps. Keyless entry, check-in/check-out via the hotel app, in-room dining menus on the app, and so much more have all been made possible by technology. Four Seasons is pioneering technology initiatives that allow guests to have as much or as little personal contact as they want.

Little Emperors has invested time and money enhancing its business and it’s no doubt that the travel industry is swiftly realising the importance of technology in travel and how significantly a service can be personalised, stepping away from human interaction.

Little Emperors annual membership fees start from £250. Tel +44 203 178 4984 or email Book through the Little Emperors website, MYLE.App, or In-house Team.


Featured image: Hotel de Paris, Monaco


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