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Little Emperors’ Leads The Way in Technology Innovation

Little Emperors’ Leads The Way in Technology Innovation Introducing New and Enhanced Services Providing Quick & Easy Bookings For Members

Little Emperors showcases improved technology enhancing the user experience

The luxurious private members hotel club, Little Emperors, provides unprecedented preferred rates to members and added benefits with every booking. Little Emperors announced its new improvements to the MyLE app, to enhance the experience for members and to make an easy-to-use, faster service for travellers on the go, investing time and energy in developing its technology for 2021. The newest updates include a six-month calendar feature, a warning of availability, rate updates to ensure that members always get the best deal, access to floor plans and all new WhatsApp services.

Little Emperors offers its 35,000 members the fastest and most effective way to book a holiday in this new modern era, with forward-thinking technology and an easy-to-use app with a four-click booking system. The trusted team of Little Emperors works around the clock to ensure that the experience of the members is faultless, and Little Emperors is proud to have received the Four Seasons Hotels of the World Best New Preferred Partner Award in 2020 as they secured more Four Seasons bookings than any other partner.

Little Emperors technology updates include:

Six Month Calendar Feature

Introducing a new six-month calendar feature will allow members to see availability at a specific hotel within a six-month period. For flexible travellers set on a specific hotel, this feature is particularly useful.

Availability Alert

Members are now able to select a hotel that is fully booked and will receive alerts when a room becomes available. This fantastic upgrade offers members a greater chance of booking that much desired hotel.

Rate Updates

Little Emperors will be introducing a new service where members will be updated if a rate has dropped by more than 5% since the time the booking was made and will adjust the payment made.

Room Specific Images & Floor Plans

Members are now able to see room-specific images and floor plans when selecting a room to book. This service allows members to ensure the room is suitable to their needs well ahead of arrival.

Inspirations, Hot Picks and Categories

Little Emperors homepage offers targeted inspirations to inspire the booker as soon as they open the app. The inspirations and categories page is designed to help the booker to narrow their search, a particularly useful tool at the initial shopping stage.

Engaging With Members

Little Emperors will engage with members through providing member reviews and providing an email and in-app chat service to send relevant and tactical suggestions to members based on booking history, search history and current trends.

WhatsApp Service

A new WhatsApp service has been introduced to enable members the option to speak to a member of the Little Emperors team right away. Offering around the clock, 24-hour incomparable service, members will feel truly looked after by the Little Emperors team ensuring a relaxing holiday for all.

How Hotels Interact

Little Emperors can send live hotel offers and news to relevant members. Using smart technology, the app can make suitable suggestions to members based on previous bookings. Little Emperors is also free for hotels to join.

Additional Features of the App

Additional features of the app include showing hotels what other people have searched for, gifting memberships and vouchers and also a referral scheme. Refer a member and get 10% off renewal, as they get 10% off sign up. Referring 10 members will provide one-year free membership.

Little Emperors annual membership fees start from £250. Tel +44 203 178 4984 or email Book through the Little Emperors website, MYLE.App, or In-house Team.



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