Limited Edition Fine Art Reproduction Available

Before EAT LOVE SAVOR magazine was conceived, its founder, editor in chief, publisher, luxury curator and creative director Angela Tunner was a fine artist. Her medium of choice, acrylics on canvas. Her style, abstract expressionism. From the mid 1970s off and on through to the early 2000s she produced and exhibited, engaged with an artist lobby group and even did a public art project. She ceased painting in favor of creative pursuits in her passion for media with a last collection in 2003 and a final exhibition in New York at the Agora Gallery. She left the art world to start pursuing creative expression through publishing, creating a luxury magazine brand and independent publishing enterprise. A precious few pieces remain from her last collection.


Angela Tunner, her painting entitled “Majestic” pictured in the background.

Angela Tunner (b 1967, Canada), artist, is known for immersive, bold colored paintings. Her expressive paintings draw you into an intimate space between the brush strokes, where each stroke is a moment to pause and be embraced by the gestures of the paint. Inspired by the beauty of fluid movement, water and other natural elements, each is a personal conversation with the emotion that gave birth to each piece of art. Her artistic influences span the ages from Renaissance, Masters, Modern… artists including Rembrandt, Chagall, Jackson Pollock and many more. Her emotional muse is nature itself and man’s connection with the world around us and all the quiet beauty it holds.


Tunner’s artwork reviews here.


[svtimeline][svt-event title=”Born” date=” (b) May 1967″ class=”svt-cd-blue” ] Canada [/svt-event][svt-event title=”Began painting” date=”1975″ class=”svt-cd-blue” ] First with landscapes in oil and acrylics, studying nature and movement, experimented with drawing and pointillism. Sold paintings to private collectors from the moment she began. [/svt-event][svt-event title=”Art Studies” date=” 1985″ class=”svt-cd-blue” ] Studied art history and theory at university level [/svt-event][svt-event title=”Changed mediums and subject” date=” 1990s” class=”svt-cd-blue” ] Switching from landscapes to abstract expressionist style in acrylics [/svt-event][svt-event title=”Commissions and public art” date=” 2000s” class=”svt-cd-blue” ] At her studio and exhibition space, created commission pieces, collections for exhibition and a piece of public art on display in Vancouver [/svt-event][svt-event title=”Art Executive” date=” 2000s” class=”svt-cd-blue” ] On the executive at CARfac, a lobby group for status of the artist in Canada and copyright collective. [/svt-event][svt-event title=”Last collection” date=” 2003″ class=”svt-cd-blue” ] Painted her last collection, exhibited in NYC and privately. Donated original art for auction to benefit a charitable organization supporting the arts. [/svt-event][/svtimeline]

Limited Edition Fine Art Reproductions Only 100

She is making a few available for purchase as Fine Art Reproductions, giclee on canvas. Globally limited to 100 per painting. Each reproduction is numbered and signed, and comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity. She still owns the originals.



Radiant I, 2003, acrylic on Belgian linen, © Angela Tunner. Click image for details

Data on Radiant I


Radiant II, 2003, acrylic on Belgian l linen, © Angela Tunner. Click image to enlarge

Date on Radiant II