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Les Belles Maisons and Tunner Media join their voices to point at a new direction in luxury

May 2019. EAT LOVE SAVORⓇ,, the 100% editorial, high end luxury lifestyle magazines, producers of both online and in print issues, and its publishing company Tunner Media, proudly announce its collaboration with Les Belles Maisons, – A Global Culture Company, dedicated to the process of cultural transformation in our society.

In an ongoing commitment to the pursuit of excellence as a luxury media platform, EAT LOVE SAVORⓇ offers a meaningful and conscious experience for inspiring and timeless information, with a focus on appreciation, connoisseurship and beauty, all without an emphasis on consumerism. Founding Editor in Chief, Creative Director and Publisher Angela Tunner says:

«Collaborations with luxury experts for our 100% editorial magazine is the backbone of our editorial strategy, selecting only those that are a synergistic match with our philosophies, editorial mandate and direction. This is vital to ensure the consistency of our voice, the high quality of our content and to remain focused on our mission. There is more to the complex concept of luxury than acquisition and EAT LOVE SAVOR offers a place to rediscover luxury and luxury living.

By design, we are a powerful platform for the voice of luxury experts. We are here to cut through the noise and barrage of advertising and in its place offers an oasis and true luxury experience. This is particularly important in the luxury sector has become clouded by an over focus on consumption. We are shining a light back on beauty, humanity and offering media with a greater purpose. It gives us great pleasure to gather expert insights and voices that amplify a more conscious choice and one focused on beauty and the art of living».

EAT LOVE SAVORⓇ and Tunner Media are honoured to be partnering with Les Belles Maisons and Founding Partner Blanca López. From their first meeting, Tunner and López recognized an immediate connection of shared vision and mission to make the world a more beautiful place through the power of words, heritage, history and humanity and felt it important to collaborate and amplify their joint message.

Says Blanca Lopez, Founding Partner of Les Belles Maisons:

«Beauty illumines the world. That is what Les Belles Maisons works for; to bring more beauty and light into a world that is moving towards a higher level of consciousness. Markets will be shaped by 7 billion people with their own identity who share the same planet and the same quest for prosperity, wellbeing and peace. This is leading us into a process of cultural shift that frees us from the past and helps us transform our companies into courageous, open-hearted and evolved organisations.

The universe of luxury is mostly made up by so-called heritage brands. For us, they have an exceptional value for society. They create beauty, culture, wealth and harmony and they have the unique opportunity to lead this cultural transformation shining with their true essence. We help them discover and reveal it, integrating and managing their legacy (which can be a limiting trap or a limitless opportunity) from a different perspective.

We believe in unity and it is essential for us to connect and collaborate with those who share the language of the heart and the vision that it is possible to create greater and better wealth improving human relationships. By doing so, the voice becomes louder and clearer. It is our great pleasure to contribute with our insights and experience to inspire and help all seekers of truth, happiness and authenticity».

Les Belles Maison will be a Luxury Expert Contributing Editor, contributing editorial to both the online and exclusive high-end luxury print issues, which offers readers different content than online and is distributed internationally to four and five star hotels and first in business class on select airlines, and via its partners and private network of high caliber readers.


EAT LOVE SAVOR International Luxury Lifestyle Magazine, founded in 2010, is a foremost advocate of intelligent, informative editorials, interviews, features with a feminine touch, guiding readers through a world of luxury goods, services, and experience; a must-read for the beauty seeking successful, high net-worth individuals.

Creator of two prestigious luxury lifestyle magazines, each with unique content, each one is an immersive luxury experience focused on the essence of luxury. Globally renowned, ad-free, with timeless content written by luxury experts. We are also an affluent lifestyle foundation for all the tiers of wealth. We are considered a best kept secret.


Dedicated to the process of cultural transformation in our society. We advocate a change of focus and messages so there can be more Belles Maisons: companies and organizations that open their hearts, create beauty, and operate at a higher level of consciousness.

We accompany our clients to explore new paths in management and to make decisions that reveal their hidden beauty. We help them build a unique legacy that offers something greater, more meaningful and long lasting.

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