Legendary lifestyle architect, Jean-Michel Gathy, Appointed as the main interior designer to M/Y NJORD

Luxury Living Aboard a Superyacht – Design of the ultimate in private residential superyachts is underway. Ocean Residences Development Ltd. appoints designer extraordinaire Jean-Michel GATHY to join as one of the two lead interior designers for an ultimate private residential superyacht at sea – M/Y NJORD .

Jean-Michel Gathy of DENNISTON joins Francesca Muzio of FM Architettura for the interiors, and Espen Øino of Espen Øino International who leads with the overall exterior design.

New Language of Luxury Onboard Superyacht with 117 Luxury Residences

Gathy’s appointment reaffirms Ocean Residences Development’s desire to develop a new language of luxury for their discerning residents onboard.

The designer will collaborate closely with Espen Øino M/Y NJORD’s principle naval architect, and Jean-Louis Stutzmann, Ocean Residences Development’s Chief Design Architect.

M/Y NJORD’s highly anticipated launch has already seen strong demand for the 117 luxury residences onboard.

Kristian Stensby, Chairman and CEO of the Company, says: “I am thrilled to have this legendary architect join our venture which we have undertaken to create this most exceptional super-yacht called M/Y NJORD. Jean Michel’s vision will bring an exceptional lifestyle and design content to the interiors, which we will be proud to extend to our residents to offer a completely new way to live.”

Lifestyle Architecture and Forward Thinking Design

Gathy, who was born in Belgium, has spent the majority of his adult life in Asia. After establishing his architecture and design firm, DENNISTON, in 1983, he has gone on to become the go-to name for the creation of innovative and forward-thinking designs for the world’s leading luxury hotels. This is the result of his European education, upbringing, and way of life colliding.

Gathy’s well-known signature aesthetic and exposure to the luxury lifestyle, combined with his deep passion for travel and conservation, made him an obvious choice for the team behind M/Y NJORD, with his synergies aligning very closely with the founder’s vision of conservation, adventure, community, and philanthropy.

I have travelled my whole life and it has actually been my school of learning,” says Gathy who, due to various work commitments, is generally away from home for up to 200 days of the year. “People often ask me what triggers my creativity? I believe whilst travelling, you actually unconsciously amalgamate a library of visual information, emotion and experiences, which carve the mind and the brain. Luxury hotel brands and developers make space to allow the integration of all these assets in their products, be it in hotels, resorts, yachts or real estate.”

Circumnavigate the Globe on a Superyacht

Gathy’s signature style and designs will be seen on decks 10–13, as well as in several of M/Y NJORD’s top residences and Penthouses. The design will be homey, comfortable, smart casual, exclusive, and contemporary all at the same time. Everyone will be able to select their own identity for their place of residence. Jean-Michel Gathy has included a walk-in wine cellar, cheese room, humidor, safe room, private gym, sauna, steam room, or any other facility you desire in the larger ones.

Designs for a Sense of Place and Well Being

Onboard M/Y NJORD, he will create an entire microcosm, a full life, as the residents return to where the sun sets and the light changes around the world, whether in New York, Barcelona, Tokyo, Sydney, the Arctic, Rio de Janeiro, Panama, or the Amalfi Coast. As a result, every design will take this into account.

“It is a responsibility for every developer, architect, planner, and even every Country – let alone every human being – to contribute to the health of our planet,” Gathy says. “Whether it is marine conservation, environmental conservation, or heritage and cultural conservation, everyone on this earth has a responsibility to contribute by respecting and enhancing them.”

Gathy is no stranger to adapting projects to meet local environmental concerns, as he has learned with several projects, while maintaining the luxury, high drama, and sense of place for which his studio is well known.

“You must have a sense of place,” he says. “A sense of place is not necessarily physical – it’s not just geometry or an architectural language – it can also be a reference to social texture, an emotional environment or cultural issue.”

Residents of M/Y NJORD can assuredly expect to find a sense of place through their mutual interests, and through their acquaintance with Gathy’s interior design. “Everything is in the details,” he reveals, “and ultimately I want to create a shelter, a safe haven, where those who choose to live onboard M/Y NJORD can close their eyes and let the day work them, instead of them working the day. The difference is subtle but fundamental. Who in the world has a home that one day faces East at sunset, and the day after faces West at sunset? No one!”

The communal areas, as below, will emanate a sense of the ludique, reflecting a sense of ease and lightness in the designs, in the proportions, shapes and textures which all together have one common denominator. It’s Gathy’s osmosis of style, which he has gathered from his extensive interaction with M/Y NJORD’s residents who have travelled the globe, and stayed at the hotels he has designed. The layers of his creativity will bring cosiness, energy, and yet ultimately comfort. “It is a home, where you can display pictures of your parents and your children, not an institutional venue,” he says.






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