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Legend Meets Luxury in Talos Timepieces

Talos timepiece with woman

Legend meets luxury in the elegant, Swiss-inspired craftsmanship of Talos watches.

These exquisite timepieces reflect the romance, mystery and mechanical might of the classical Greek myth honored in their name. When I first encountered Talos timepieces, I was reminded of their mythological namesake, an early imagining of what we know today as a robot, although in the myth this machine was built not by man but by the gods themselves.

According to legend, the winged bronze giant known as Talos was created at the request of Zeus by Hephaestus, the god of fire and ironworking, and presented as a gift to the chief god’s lover, Europa. Talos was intended to provide Zeus’ mistress with protection while she lived on the island of Crete in the days of the flourishing Minoan civilization. This giant automaton made of bronze was fashioned with wings and circled the entire island of Crete three times each day to keep watch for invaders. Possessing both speed and strength, Talos, the giant mechanical wonder, was also known for his fiery embrace. A gift of love, protection and mechanical precision and strength, the original Talos is well represented in the timepieces that bear his name today.

Looking back to the Minoans, the mythology of the classical Greeks and the ancient dream of a sophisticated machine crafted of fine metal and circling Crete’s sun-drenched shores, the makers of today’s Talos have created a line of elegant and precise watches that brings the gods’ technological wonder to life. The company’s logo represents three wings, suggesting the wings shown on early coins depicting the figure of Talos as well as the three daily journeys the giant made around the island to keep Europa safe from harm. For me, the elegant, classical styling and precision workings of these exquisite Swiss made timepieces beautifully combines the romantic mythology of ancient Greece and the technological precision of Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship.

talos timepiece for her
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The desire to marry technology with beauty shines through in the legend of Talos. When I think of the ancient Minoans, I think of a sophisticated culture known for their sumptuous palaces filled with art and luxury goods like wine, oils, metalwork, fine pottery and exotic spices, all derived from a thriving sea-based trade that reached the entire Mediterranean region and beyond. As in our modern day trading centers, an opulent lifestyle, rich in technology, romance and elegance, characterized this civilization that is now shrouded in history. Today, fine craftsmanship and advanced technology are the work of men rather than of gods, and I’m glad I don’t have to be Zeus to gift a Talos to someone special or to have one for myself.

My Talos watch is not only a work of precision craftsmanship, it is a sophisticated example of clean, classical design, again harkening to the brand’s ancient Greek inspiration. The 66 small diamonds set into the bezel form a sparkling ring around the Sapphire crystal in a display of understated elegance. The comfortable, silvery white Rhodium wrist band is durable, corrosion resistant and snaps closed with a butterfly clasp, making it easy to put on and take off. The raised numbers and markings on the face of the watch enhance the instrument’s quality feel.

The women’s version of the watch is no less sophisticated and elegant. With the slight curve incorporated into the crystal and case to provide an exceptionally comfortable fit, I am reminded of the fiery embrace of the mythological giant, Talos. Another fiery feature of the women’s watch is the staggering quantity of 356 small diamonds circling the bezel in a double row. The sapphire crystal here protects and shows off the watch’s Mother of Pearl face and raised numbers and markings. Again, a bright silvery white Rhodium wristband secured with a butterfly clasp completes the solid and eternal feel of this special timepiece.

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Lapetus Alpha 2217-02 Suggested Retail $1590.00

Integrity is an intrinsic element of quality and here the makers of Talos watches have also carried a characteristic of their mythological inspiration into the present day. One part of the legend of Talos describes the creature’s role in delivering the laws to the people of Crete on his trips around the island, giving Talos a reputation as a deliverer of justice and morality as well as of protection. The values Talos strives to include in their timepieces are beauty, integrity, innovation, dependability and precision.

Combining inspiration from the beautifully crafted giant bronze man of ancient Greece and the heritage of Swiss watchmaking tradition, the craftsmen at Talos have brought a mythological wonder to life. Knowing the story of today’s Talos as well as the ancient legend of Zeus’s gift to his lover, Europa, certainly gives a new meaning to the concept of keeping track of time with my beautiful watch. The heritage and tradition of ancient myth, the craftsmanship of the Swiss watchmakers and the fine materials used to create these exquisite watches provide a special connection to the past in this modern, mechanical work of art.


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