Leaders, Thinkers and Creators… Interview with Sandra Näsström Creative Director ChambresSweden

Sandra Näsström is a vibrant, passionate and energetic woman. She pours herself into her brand ChambresSweden, as Creative Director of the brand she founded, she creates clothing for women and embraces feminine energy. Imagine wearing elegant clothing that feels like a second skin. Gracefully embracing the feminine form, the fabric is so soft. Each piece is such a pleasure to wear you may forget you have it on. So comfortable you will want to live in them. Comfortable enough to lounge in and chic enough to wear for work.

ChambresSweden is founded by Sandra Näsström Designer, CEO, she is a woman of the world; originally from Sweden, now living in Italy, she has such passion for the power of feminine essence and creating great clothing that makes you feel and look sensational. Each of her pieces slip about your form with lightness and ease. These are also clothing with a conscience, the company is dedicated to creating and manufacturing within Europe’s borders to reduce their footprint and with a spirit of generosity and philanthropy.

For more information about this line, discover more in our profile. EAT LOVE SAVOR® had the pleasure of spending time in conversation with Sandra to learn more about her clothing line, mission, her passion, purpose and insights on luxury.


Sandra Näsström

How did you get your start working in the field of luxury and what drew you to it?

I have always been fascinated by the emotion evoked with the experience of luxury. My first step was to create just that—a ‘chambre séparée’ in the heart of Stockholm. It was an old apartment in Nybrogatan, converted with exquisitely different rooms where customers would come and indulge in beauty and luxury for all their senses.

All details in its interior were taken care of. Furniture was taken from a castle. A fireplace ruled over the gorgeous herringbone parquet.Custom made furniture co-created with a glass artist,bringing in the light. This exclusive space was an oasis where external and internal harmony coexisted, and the art that adorned the walls contributed to a very sensual atmosphere.

A headline in Dagens Nyheter read: ‘Schamaner and Champagne at Chambre Séparée’. The unexpected agenda could include indulging in biodynamic champagne tasting, participating in shamanic rituals, attending Tarot reading classes, beauty and hair care, or learning about color therapy and the power of color amongst others.

And there were, of course, the fashion shows – oh, how I loved to create them! From the flowers to the live music to the garments. Here is where the first Chambres piece was born. I remember how the original Natalie’s dress went out dancing that same evening after a show, and it is still in our core collection, versatile and attemporal like the lovely pieces that followed.

The environment and energy at Chambre Séparée was something out of the ordinary. Is as if the essence of Chambres was patiently brewing as I grew with each of those experiences.

In the end, it’s all about the feeling and that emotion I felt when experiencing the finest things in life. From Chambre Séparée, Chambres was born. Not ‘séparée’ anymore, Chambres exists for all women, of all ages, everywhere.

Tell us about your company ChambresSweden and its mission and vision?

The entire concept originates from the feeling of kindness and care, to oneself and to others. I want my customers to put on a garment that evokes just that, the nurturing feeling of a feminine kind, loving and soft touch. Chambres mission is to empower people to feel good about themselves, as they are.

I created a collection that is environmentally friendly, innovative, and long-lasting both in production and style. I aspire to be the go-to lingerie and loungewear brand for women who demand functional designs that are also elegant, luxurious and feminine, with sensual ease.

What do you enjoy most about the work you do?

The privilege of designing for myself, I only create garments that I like to wear.

What was the best advice you received about being in the luxury business today?

The definition of ‘slow fashion’. When I first designed my collection I knew I wanted to produce garments of supreme quality that lasted for a lifetime and were ethically made. This is how I’ve traditionally built up my wardrobe anyway. What initially risked seeming less exciting than what traditional design firms do, is actually a very wise approach to fashion that some luxury brands have abandoned in the pursuit of higher profits and is now back on the agenda.

Today, conscious luxury brands are looking for new business models outside current market mechanisms to drive change, implement innovation and tap into collaborative business opportunities. I built my business around these principles from the get go with my small well-oiled operation. The slow fashion approach combines a brand’s practices with customer’s shopping habits – meaning that it is a joint effort between Chambres and my loyal customers, which I really enjoy. 90% of my designs are old time favourites that are permanently available and 69% of my customers are returning customers. I like to take things slowly and steadily.

While there’s always room for improvement, I control the integrity of our supply chain very carefully by partnering with selected suppliers exclusively in Europe, we only use one single award-winning fabric that surpasses many quality standards, and we constantly try to simplify and ultimately enhance our value chain.

I believe our efforts, the route we have taken and our organic growth make our business model more sustainable than most luxury retail brands, and ChambresSweden superior products are here to stay. I feel deeply represented in the slow fashion movement.

What are some of the most significant changes you expect to see in luxury fashion post-Covid?. How do you see the market evolving, and what are the implications for brands?

We are entering a new era where the feminine and everything it represents is expanding. This is a great opportunity for a more kind, soft and caring energy to flow between us. The natural reaction of brands to the current paradigm shift is to increase their online presence and the transparency in their communications, and this is a good thing.

I’m excited about co-creating with others. There is a wonderfully vibrant energy bringing in more players around the table. Collaboration and co-creation has been an important part of this project at many levels since the inception of ChambresSweden.

Let’s let the feminine energy be at the forefront to create a new world together.

Where do you see the luxury business heading overall and as it pertains to your line of work?

We will see more brands find a niche for themselves, specialising in being great at one thing and owning it.
For ChambresSweden, the core collection of is our backbone worked to perfection. We will continue to sprinkle some glamour, joy and versatility over it.

In 2022, we will celebrate our freedom again – enjoy having dinner together, picnics in the park, dancing on the beach, and diving into the big clean blue sea. We will join the global celebration with the launch of ChambersSweden’s first swimwear collection.

Overall, I believe in more awareness and conscious consumers. Confronting questions like- Where are the garments made? Under what conditions? What footprint am I leaving with this purchase? What are the company’s core values behind the brand? will be asked more often.

What are your philosophies about Luxury as a mindset and approach to living?

I believe in self-awareness, self-care and self-love. The freedom and possibility to put yourself in the center is the epitome of luxury. Being more caring, learning to be in the moment and having the ability to notice how it feels.

How do you think people could get more out of Luxury beyond acquisition?

As nature teaches us each day, we all have the capacity to experience luxury within. Right now, when everything had to slow down, the circumstances gave us the possibility and time to travel within. This feels like a gift we are so disconnected from and we shall continue to nurture.

What do you wish was known about Luxury that thus far is not being talked about?

The fact that luxury is nothing more than the experience you create for yourself, it can be found in everyday living. I am all for bringing out your fine china, dress up and put on your expensive jewelry on a Monday morning with nowhere to go. For me luxury is about awakening all my senses and letting all of me experience that luxury feeling. Luxury can be a walk in the park, tea with your best friend or a bath with some beautiful oils and scented candles. Luxury must start from kindness and care if you want it to be sustainable.


Where meaning and humanity are concerned in Luxury, how can luxury brands/properties and customers of Luxury connect to ‘meaning’ in these evolutionary times for how Luxury is conveyed and engaged with?

In order to access real meaning you need to look past the bright lights. I like the thought of being more transparent and inviting your customers behind the scenes to connect with the authentic. This engagement elevates the whole luxury experience.


How do you think we should articulate Luxury in fashion today and in the future?

Respect for the source, education and transparency comes to mind – we need a lot more of these three in fashion. Luxury is an experience, it’s about an emotional connection, and that has always been at hospitality’s heart.


How do you think that Luxury can be more charming and resonate more on an emotional level?

The beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. It starts with you. We could try going beyond the surface and embracing the curiosity to learn and feel inspired. The art of living is giving.


How do you think that people can get more out of how they relate to their engagement with Luxury?

Give it your fullest attention, and the value comes from caring—the art, love, and energy behind and through the whole process. The entire luxury experience needs to be evoked within.

I think EAT LOVE SAVOR® is doing a beautiful job creating a platform for all our senses. I will quote Angela Tunner, Founder, Editor in Chief and Publisher of EAT LOVE SAVOR®: “To connect with luxury essence is to feel luxurious by fully engaging the senses in the moments of a luxury experience. No matter how small or grand, being present, allowing yourself to feel, and being fully engaged allows the experience to touch all of the senses. Take note of each one and explore them thoroughly. To have a luxury experience is to fully experience the luxury.”



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The ChambresSweden client list includes celebrities such as Mariah Carey (artist), Tilda Swinton (actor), Silvia Bernadotte (Queen of Sweden), Anita Schulman (Swedish blogger and interior designer), Johanna Ekström (writer and artist) and Sofia Karlsson (Swedish singer).

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