Le Vian donates Couture jewels and rough gemstone specimens to American Museum of Natural History for June 12th re-opening

Le Vian, one of the world’s oldest independent fine jewelry brands, is donating to The American Museum of Natural History a selection of rough and polished gemstones, as well as finished Le Vian Couture jewels, that are set to shine a light on the first gemstone discovery of the twenty-first century, Le Vian Peacock Aquaprase™.

Two beautiful rough gemstone specimens, two polished specimens, and two red carpet-worthy Le Vian Couture pieces – the Kameha ring and the Kailani necklace, both handcrafted in 18 karat Strawberry Gold – comprise Le Vian’s donation.

Discovered by Veteran Gem Explorer

Aquaprase was discovered in 2013 by veteran gem explorer and Le Vian friend Yianni Melas in only one location in Africa while studying a previously undiscovered deposit of blue-green chalcedony. Recognizing something special and different about the stone, Melas submitted samples to several gem labs: his discovery was a never-before-seen type of chalcedony, with a unique combination of green and blue hues reminiscent of waves crashing on a beach.

The highest quality Aquaprase available, with the most beautiful colors and patterns, is hand selected to be cut into Le Vian’s own trademarked, superior classification of Aquaprase, known as Peacock Aquaprase.

On Display June 12th

Several stunning Peacock Aquaprase gemstones will be on display at The American Museum of Natural History when its redesigned Allison and Roberto Mignone Halls of Gems and Minerals open on June 12th, highlighting the beauty of this historic gem discovery.

Joining a Dazzling Collection

The Le Vian Peacock Aquaprase™ treasures will join a dazzling collection that already includes the 563-carat Star of India sapphire, the 9-pound almandine Subway Garnet discovered beneath 35th Street in Manhattan in 1885, the 632-carat Patricia emerald, and many more.

feature photo courtesy of Le Vian:

The Kameha ring – Peacock Aquaprase™, Vanilla Diamonds and Chocolate Diamonds set in Strawberry Gold. The Kailani necklace – Peacock Aquaprase™, Vanilla Diamonds and Chocolate Diamonds set in Strawberry Gold


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