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Interview with OSPINA Coffee Company CEO, Mariano Ospina

Ospina Coffee eatlovesavor.com Interview with OSPINA Coffee Company CEO, Mariano Ospina - EAT LOVE SAVOR International Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

There is something so romantic about a family-owned business with a rich history and an influence that spans generations. This is one of those families.

The Ospina coffee family, whose dedication to excellent coffee carries on and the current members whole-hardheartedly embracing the tradition bringing it to the modern age while holding strong to their history and provenance.

It is a great privilege to know and interview Mariano Ospina V, CEO of Ospina Coffee. Editor in Chief Angela Tunner, spoke to the coffee czar himself and asked him these questions:

What is it about excellent coffee that you love so much?

Excellent coffee or ultra premium coffee, such as a Premier Grand Cru wine from Bordeaux, is something to rave about. It exhilarates your senses, because of its extraordinary aroma, body and taste. It gives you the ecstasy of a rare delicacy. Exquisite refinement is so rare, that when you find it, it leaves you in awe and amazement!

What are some misconceptions about excellent coffee?

I believe that the greatest misconception about ‘excellent’ is that almost nobody knows what excellent coffee really is. The public in general believes to know excellent coffee, but they are far from, way far, from the truth. Excellent coffee or ultra premium coffee is very rare, very scarce and very expensive, just like fine caviar, truffles or Premier Grand Cru wines.

Your coffee family has a wonderfully rich history. What are your hopes for the next generation of Ospina?

We should be able to educate the public and raise the level of consciousness of what excellent coffee is. Coffee lovers, connoisseurs and afficionados should learn to appreciate and distinguish excellent coffee by variety, origin and process, just like wine connoisseurs do about their wines. Years ago in North America wine was sold in the grocery stores by the gallon, and the only difference was the white or red. Now you find an assortment of varietals, regions and vintages, and it should be the same with excellent coffee.

We agree! We’ve experienced this exceptional coffee. We also learned coffee terms and information for better tasting. Read our Article…

Biography of Mariano Ospina V

ospina coffee banner Interview with OSPINA Coffee Company CEO, Mariano Ospina - EAT LOVE SAVOR International Luxury Lifestyle MagazineMariano Ospina, V., founder, president and CEO of Ospina Coffee Company, left Colombia for the United States in 1980. Like his grandfather Mariano Ospina Perez and father, Mariano Ospina Hernandez, he initially arrived to pursue a university graduate degree in Business and Public Administration.

Born into the Family Business

Although he was born in Bogota, Colombia, he was raised in Medellin, where his grand father Mariano Ospina Perez had several of his coffee plantations. As he completed his formal education, simultaneously he grew familiar with the coffee industry and business of the family.

A New Generation, a New Vision

Where his family had long engaged primarily in the production and wholesale of coffee beans, Mariano Ospina, V., envisioned a move into the roasting, packaging and direct distribution of Ospina Coffee to consumer worldwide. Since he arrived in the United States, he began laying the groundwork for a new facet of the family business.

Since 1980 Mariano had prepared the first business plan to develop this next step in the integration of the coffee business. But not until April 2003, after a concerted three-year organizational and startup process, was Ospina Coffee Company, Inc. incorporated in the state of North Carolina. After the first year of successful operation of this new enterprise, Ospina Estate Coffee is sold worldwide.


  1. Ospina Coffee is the oldest coffee company in the world. Started in 1835, founded by Ospina Rodríguez
  2. Ospina Coffee originated in Colombia’s volcanic highlands of the Andes, South America.
  3. The II National Congress of Coffee Growers convened in June of 1927, in the city of Medellin, Antioquia, and 29 delegates represented the different coffee growing areas of the country. This Congress established the FEDERACON NACIONAL DE CAFETEROS DE COLOMBIA or NATIONAL FEDERATION OF COFFEE GROWERS OF COLOMBIA also know as the COLOMBIAN COFFEE FEDERATION.

columbian coffee growers 1927 Interview with OSPINA Coffee Company CEO, Mariano Ospina - EAT LOVE SAVOR International Luxury Lifestyle MagazineThese are the 29 delegates that presided the II National Congress of Coffee Growers of Colombia. The Founder of the Colombian Coffee Federation, Don Mariano Ospina-Perez is seated in the front row, number five from left to right. For more information visit www.ospinacoffee.com

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