INTERVIEW with Konstantin Chaykin: One of the World’s Experts of Haute Horlogerie.

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Konstantin Chaykin: design engineer, inventor, clockmaker. The creator of complex astronomical clock.

Author of many complex time functions such as indicators of various world chronology, astronomical signs and other devices and watch complications.

Chaykin is repeatedly mentioned by critics as one of the world’s experts of Haute Horlogerie. Member of the International Academy of Independent Watchmakers. Member of Honorary Jury Set at Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2014, Russia. Known as a watchmaker, the first in Russia who designed and built a desktop clock with a tourbillon, and watch with every year passing date of the Orthodox Easter. Currently headed by its own full-cycle for the production of luxury-class hours.


How would you describe the process of a new idea birth? Are you looking for inspiration consciously or new discoveries find you by themselves?

New ideas come to me through different ways. It may be a random inspiration that comes in a dream or a “hunch” that can suddenly appear at some fortuitous event. But in fact, in most cases, “inspiration” – is the result of systematic work, which has two ways – the first is a search of new ideas, which haven’t been invented and implemented yet, such as a new way to display time, and the second – search of possibilities to implement ideas in the particular device. This work is based on a certain system of algorithms and technical creativity, which allow inventing new and solving complex technical and research tasks.

Please, describe the client of “Konstantin Chaykin.” What kind of people shows loyalty to your brand?

As a rule they are wealthy and tasteful people, who understand expensive and complicated watches and interesting time mechanics. “Konstantin Chaykin” watch is not for social markers, so they are not the first at our customers’ collection. “Brand fans” – people who are able to perceive the world through the same means and in the same way as I do. They are innovators, who understand that self-expression is more important rather than a trend. It is very interesting to chat with them on our pages in social networks – I feel soul mates reading their comments.

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The development of own business is always difficult and risky. What steps were the hardest to agree on? And after all, what decisions are you proud most of all?

Each time a responsible step for me is to choose among hundreds one idea for design and manufacture, which will be the flagship model of the year.

Most of all I’m proud of my decision to start this business. Many people said (and some still do): to make watches of such level in Russia – is absurd. It’s impossible to create new tools from scratch. But I decided to try.

European market of watchmaking is objectively more developed. If any foreign companies ever tried to entice you?

More than once. But for me it is of a great importance that I produce watches in Russia, in my homeland. I was born here and I see my future as a Russian, and not as a citizen of the world (which is easier).

And today I’m striving to create a new tradition of Russian watchmaking. I’m not sure that my experience will change a lot the industry in our country in the nearest future, because in addition to qualitative ideas large investments and skilled managers are needed. But I believe that my example will give a hope that in this country and with these people you can achieve something, be on a par or even ahead.

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Luxury category is tidbit market. “Konstantin Chaykin” brand had originally a clear positioning of “quality and exclusivity”. But still, how do you draw the line between earning money and the desire to create something new?

This is a very difficult question that I constantly ask myself, and each time can’t find an answer. The desire to create something new, of course, prevails over the desire to earn money, but if you do not earn, then it would be not so easy to create new. At the moment I have received more than 90 patents for inventions and useful models, and from the patented devices less than a fifth is implemented in hours.

And, of course, I want to see everything devised to be brought into life. But, unfortunately, the high costs of developing a new model, time required and costs to start the production do not allow producing new watches with the same frequency as new ideas come. And I think it also allows carefully to choose the best ideas and turn them into finished products.

How do you see the next 10 years of the company?


You are the member of Honorary Jury of Luxury Lifestyle Awards, which is aimed on obtain objective assessment of companies and brands on the luxury market. How will you chose best of the best?

I will pay attention on classic luxury criteria as originality, aesthetics, beauty and quality of performance …

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