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Interview with Ivars Rudzitis “Sun Terraces” Project, Luxury Lifestyle Awards Nominee

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Residential complex Sun Terraces, created in perfect harmony with the unique landscape of Jurmala. Sun Terraces is an ideal place to find peace from city bustle. Every apartment features a spacious terraces finished in Western red cedar wood, representing a sweet spot of warmth and cosiness with a distinctive and microclimate.

The three floors of two modern buildings feature 42 apartments with areas varying from 110 to 261 m² including spacious penthouse apartments on the top floors. Meticulously developed interior design of each apartment has 2 to 4 bedrooms, spacious and bright dwelling space, large panoramic windows, high ceilings and open terraces. Complex has gated territory with inner yard, children’s playground and a private underground parking.

The project Sun Terraces was designed in the style of Scandinavian functionalism. The exterior is finished only with exclusively selected materials — Western red cedar and Italian travertine. Main distinctive elements of the exterior — spacious sunny terraces — provide the opportunity to enjoy the maximum of the sea air and sun. Developer of the project — ORDO Agency.

Ivars Rudzitis, Chairman of the Board of “Sun Terraces” told us some interesting facts and positions about the exclusive residential complex and its nomination for Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2014.

How did you come to idea of creation Sun Terraces?

The idea of creation exclusive residential complex Sun Terraces came to my mind after I had seen a perfect place on one of the most prestigious streets in the very heart of Jurmala. The place on Dzintaru prospect is just perfect! The sound of waves, the gentle shaking of pines, peaceful walks down quiet streets and at the same time – the entire infrastructure is located around this street. Moreover, the perfect fact is that being so close to the flow of touristic life, you still feel yourself protected and relaxed, just exactly how you have to feel yourself on a perfect resort. The project has been created with the concept of bringing the inner harmony both through architectural language and unique coastal climate of Jurmala, which can’t be found anywhere else.

Sun – why do you prefer it? There is also water, earth and air.

It is all about emotions and feelings. Jurmala – it is a famous resort city on the Baltic sea, that has always been popular on a summer time. People are coming to Jurmala to enjoy the sea, soft sand that is rich of amber, pleasant atmosphere of relaxation, slow movement of resort life and obviously – the sun. If it isn’t be shining outside, it will always be full of sun and warm atmosphere on the wide cedar terraces. The smallest terrace in the complex is 20 sqm and that guarantees that the owner of the flat in Sun Terraces will get a lot of sunshine in his apartment. A modern 3-floor building is constructed in such way as to let the maximum of sunlight to open terraces, playground and inner yard.

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Are there any features in the management of such exclusive residential complex?

There are many features, but the first and main one is that I’m controlling absolutely everything what is related to Sun Terraces. My team and me, we all have been involved in the process from the very first idea of creating such exclusive residential complex, till choosing the quality of all the construction materials. I paid my attention on everything, even on very tiny details that are related to Sun Terraces. Idea, project, building process, quality, exploitation – everything had and has to stay on the highest level. We are building a house where we would love to live by ourselves, a real home where our highly-respected friends and future owners would love to stay for many years. Even if new owners of Sun Terraces apartments are not living permanently in Latvia, they would love return to Sun Terraces again and again.

Where do you get an inspiration to find new ideas for the Sun Terraces?

I travel a lot, but Latvia, like no other country, inspires me all the time. It is one of the rare places where you can really feel happy, forget about the hustle of big cities and just to rest in harmony with yourself. Jurmala – is a Latvian city of inspiration, living here you cannot stay away from the spirit of innocent nature and slow movement of the resort life. However, my job consists of a lot of business trips and meetings, visiting new countries I always try to now about the new technologies and materials that became popular or only just were created. To be competitive, you have to be innovated, to go with the times and our team of professionals never forget about this.

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What attitude has the Sun Terraces to lifestyle?

We wanted to create a place for comfort where a person can forget about all the problems that he had before, because now, at this moment of his life, this person is at home and life is just beautiful. Sun Terraces gives a unique feeling of union with nature; being on terraces territory, rises up a strong feeling that you are in a park, but not sitting on a regular terrace – it is unique and exclusive. Just imagine: every morning standing at the terrace with fresh thoughts and ideas, watching the sun rising over the sea and smoothly moving westwards, warmly shining and illuminating the Sun Terraces – isn’t it inspiring? According to the philosophy of our company – the client is a core, thus we try to treat our client the best and making him feel special. Undeniably, Sun Terraces – a place where luxury faces with house cosiness and Baltic relaxed/unhurried lifestyle.

What motivates you to participate in the Luxury Lifestyle Awards?

We are very proud with the final result of Sun Terraces houses and are very interested to show our Sun Terraces on a world level. On such prestigious award, we want to show, that in Latvia we can build high quality real estate objects that can compete with another major real estate companies in Europe. Moreover, we believe that if Jurmala’s name sounds more often on the international level, the results will please everyone and “the Baltic pearl” will regain to itself the status of the most desirable place to live. To the present day, Jurmala – is one of the most popular resort cities in great request not only among the Latvian inhabitants, but also between foreigners as well, who are seeking for calm and comfort. We want this tendency to be increased.


Interview published in collaboration with Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2014

Nominee: Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2014, London UK

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