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Interview with Claire Seneca – The Ritz-Carlton Abama, Luxury Lifestyle Awards Nominee

ritz carlton abama

Situated in the tranquil enclave of Guía de Isora, this fine luxury hotel exemplifies the delicate harmony that can exist between man and nature.

From its highest point upon the smooth slopes of The Teide, to its exclusive stretch of sandy beaches, the beauty of nature abounds at The Ritz-Carlton, Abama. At The Ritz-Carlton, Abama, lush vegetation flourishes throughout their majestic, Moorish-inspired hotel grounds, imparting an entrancing floral fragrance to the fresh ocean air. Under the shining sun, gorgeous gardens add cheerful warmth, while in the evenings they create an air of romance and mystique.

Interview with Claire Seneca of The Ritz-Carlton Abama, a Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2014 Nominee

Could you share with us the history of creation Abama Golf & Spa Resort?

Melvin Villaroel, architect of a Latin-American origin, is known for a constant use of binomial architecture – vegetation in all his construction, integrating plants and flowers in every corner of his buildings.

Many wonder why was this color chosen for the resort, the reason is that the color is a red Parrot Gothic and it corresponds to one of the phases of the architect and the cosmic element: Fire. In Abama the elements land, water and air already existed, for which the architect added the fourth element: Fire, by painting the building with this color.

The name Abama is a prehispanic toponymic that designates a plant of the family „Liliaceae‟ which has been growing in this area of the island for many years. The name of the plant resulted to be the name of the Abama farm, which is now the resort.

Although there is no obvious correlation, Abama is the European word for „Aba mma‟, and is originally from the sub-Saharan Africa, particularly in Ghana and the Akan tribe. This tribe has a different name for every day of the week, and it depending on the day when a child is born they are given that name. The Akan tradition says that the earth was created on Thursday, for which this day is the „mother‟ of all others and of men. The name of a girl born on Thursday is Aba. This term, „ABA‟, is the name for the earth, according to the Fantitribe, which belongs to the Akan. In the Akan language, the term „MMA‟ means „son(s) of‟. Thus, the word „Abamma‟ means „Sons of the earth‟.

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What is the policy of spa towards the customers?

Our Spa highest mission is to provide our guests the most sensational experience with our “Savoir Faire” providing genuine care. Our guests must be 16 years old minimum if they would like to enjoy Spa treatments. However, we do offer some special programs for kids and teens where they can be Spa guests along with one of their parents.

What to expect in the future from the resort?

We are working on some projects to make the Resort not only a fantastic hotel but also a Spa destination where guests can fully enjoy a holistic approach.

What encourages you to participate in the Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2014?

It is a fantastic experience and opportunity to participate an international award that covers different luxury segments, and to be recognized by professional for our achievement of the year.

ritz carlton abama 1

Do nature & weather on the island always contribute to the improvement of the health?

Indeed. Tenerife Island is internationally known as “Island of Eternal Spring”. The island, being on latitude of the Sahara Desert, enjoys a warm climate year-round with an average of 13–18 °C in the winter and 24–28 °C in the summer and high sunshine totals. The Canary Islands have low levels of air pollution thanks to the lack of factories and industry and the trade winds which naturally move away contaminated air from the islands.

Why do you think Abama Spa is the leader among the spa resorts in the luxury market?

Abama Spa has become innovative this last year providing service of excellence with a well-trained international range of therapists. The talent of the team, the passion of each individual and the creativity and involvement of every Ladies and gentlemen make the difference. It is also the trust and the choice of our partners that help us to bring a higher level of offer to our guests.


Interview published in collaboration with Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2014

Nominee: Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2014, London UK

Company / Brand Name: The Ritz-Carlton Abama
Company / Brand Web Address: http://www.ritzcarlton.com/en/Properties/Abama




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