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INTERVIEW | A Legacy of Uniqueness, Haute Jewelry Designs by Alexandra Mor (a Designer to Watch!)

ALEXANDRA MOR DESIGNER TO WATCH 2014 luxury lifestyle magazine
Alexandra Mor in her New York studio

Jewelry designer Alexandra Mor’s work reflects a legacy of uniqueness and style that originated in the family of French fashion couturiers.

With her at the helm, every piece of Alexandra Mor jewelry is destined to become an heirloom. Timeless. Exquisite. One-of-a-kind. “I like to think of my pieces as heirlooms in the making.”

Being the daughter of a dressmaker had other benefits, too. [pullquote]“My mother made my clothes. They were always unique – down to the fabric, cut and texture. My love for design has never wavered. ”[/pullquote] As an adult, Alexandra pursued a film production career, but her creative soul was eventually won over by jewelry and gemstones when she accompanied her husband, part owner of a NY-based wholesale diamond manufacturing house, on a buying trip.

Having developed her own aesthetic expression within the haute couture jewelry world where every piece is an individually-tailored handcrafted work of art, Alexandra now pushes new boundaries of design. Using bold expressions with delicate details in contemporary diamond and precious stone jewelry, she feels a responsibility to extract the beauty of each and every stone.

Her limited-edition and one-of-a-kind collections are distinguished by unmistakable details: simplicity and perfected symmetry centered around striking diamonds and gemstones. Her affinity with the inherent intimacy of jewelry is, in large part, what makes each of her pieces so compelling.

Alexandra Mor has since established herself as a private jeweler and artist whose passion and commitment to perfection are reflected in the jewelry she brings to life.

Our Editor in Chief Angela Tunner Interviews Alexandra Mor


What sparked your passion for jewelry?

In jewelry, I see a form of expression and a platform to create, but there is something more to jewelry than just art. It sparks an emotion and makes you feel. People never forget the moment a jewel was given to them by someone, or how a piece they bought made them feel. This memory lasts a lifetime and is passed down through generations with the piece.

What do you wish more collectors knew about your jewelry?

Like people, every piece of jewelry has a story to tell, a journey that goes along with it.

What draws you to a particular gemstone?

Feeling. An Intuition.

What inspired your signature detail: double bands of 1mm knife-edge wire and floating diamond melee?

It took me more than a year to pin down the concept and signature details of my line. The idea developed from my love of architecture and was motivated by bringing back a feeling of the past.

Tell us about your latest creations and what inspired them?

Many of my latest pieces we created for private collectors and so the personality and personal story of that collector is embedded in the piece. One of my recent pieces, the Oval Diamond and Sapphire Cabochon Ring was created for a collector for his 10-year anniversary. It represents a beautiful love story with a man who wanted to give his wife a symbolic piece of jewelry that she could wear every day, but would still “wow” her. We worked together to find the perfect diamond and then the side stones. The design came from the 10 years they have been together and her very feminine and soft personality.

What do you see lies in the future for custom jewelry for both the designer and luxury jewelry collector?

I believe that the future of custom jewelry lies in the past. For many years, things were moving forward and still are, but this took us too far from the source of custom creation, which is the personal narrative, the feelings involved and emotional experience. Unique work can be born while looking into the past, both in terms of the individual story, as well as the quality and time given to create a piece. This is the key ingredient in creating a more meaningful story behind every custom piece.

What do you do to celebrate the completion of a new Alexandra Mor creation?

Every piece that leaves my atelier must be inspected before sent. Each of these creations is like a child, which is conceived and born in my atelier. I prepare and package them and send them to their destination with a blessing that one day, they will be passed through generations and their story will be told. Each Alexandra Mor bespoke piece gets “The Making of a Jewel” book that documents the creation of the piece and tells its story. In a symbolic way, this book marks the completion of the celebration.

What does ‘luxury’ mean to you?

Luxury is a way of thinking. It is the way you do things, the lens through which you see life and the attention you choose to give people and things in your life. Luxury is mistaken for money and “bling”, but it is not that at all. Luxury is the reflection of true value and attention to the way one chooses to live their life.

What is your favorite way to indulge in a luxury experience?

I had the most amazing experience this week, driving through the farms of Water Mill, NY. The smell of fresh air. Blue sky. Local fruit stands. Horses trotting freely. That was an ultimate luxury experience. And being able to share this experience with others instantly through technology is a luxury in and of itself.

What is your favorite Champagne?

I am not a Champagne person. My substitute is gewürztraminer wine, Hugel from Alsace. It is my favorite.


Originally published in our JEWELRY Issue. Exclusive interview with Angela Tunner, Editor in Chief, and selected Designer to Watch!

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