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Internationally Acclaimed Artist Zhuang Hong Yi’s ‘Radiance’ Exhibition to Illuminate Two Prestigious London Art Venues

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One of the most significant artists in the world today, Zhuang Hong Yi, is bringing his exciting ‘Radiance’ exhibition to London.

Zhuang’s latest exhibition will be presented in a thrilling format, split across two resplendent venues belonging to HOFA Gallery. The first part will take place from 19 th to 25 th March in their St James’s gallery, then moves seamlessly to the highly anticipated new HOFA Gallery opening on 58 Maddox Street (corner with New Bond Street) from 26 th March until the 8 th April.

Zhuang Hong Yi art

As the UK’s top selling Asian artist, with his works appreciating every year 20% to 40%, Zhuang Hong Yi has been enlightening the art industry for years. He has exhibited at all the renowned global art fairs – including Scope in NYC, Tefaf, and Art Basel – with exhibitions and shows proving a sell out before opening night.

Unique Art and Highly Skilled Techniques

His soon to be unaffordable works are heavily inspired by Chinese materials and Dutch culture and his Radiance exhibition epitomises these influences. The unique colour changing ability of his flowerbeds from different focal points has led Zhuang to patent his highly skilled technique, something only a handful of artists in the world have ever achieved.

Zhuang Hong Yi 120 x 220cm Left Side ViewZhuang’s flair for creativity and desire to bring the world of art something refreshingly new is evident in this breath-taking exhibition of works. Eastern and Western cultures collide, as Zhuang infuses his artwork with the essences of each.

Beauty Radiated Through Materials

His originality is one of his greatest strengths, radiating beauty through materials that others would never even think to use. His rice paper flower manipulations show his determination to encompass his Chinese heritage with his Dutch lifestyle and creates a truly exceptional collection of art.

Zhuang Hong Yi 35 x 180cm Left Side ViewArt Advisory Consultant and Founder of The House of Fine Art Gallery Simonida Pavicevic, said, “HOFA Gallery has been proud to exclusively represented Zhuang Hong Yi for over five years in London and the UK.”

She added, “We are very excited about the opening of our Mayfair gallery on the 26 th of March, and Zhuang was the obvious choice for our inaugural exhibition, as he represents the essence of HOFA.”

Zhuang Hong Yi 100 x 100cm Right Side VidewAn Exhibition in Two Stages

About the Exhibition: The exhibition is in two stages:
– 19 th to 25 th March 2018 at HOFA Gallery, 30 Royal Opera Arcade, London, SW1Y 4UY
– 26 th March to 8 th April at HOFA Gallery, 58 Maddox Street (corner with New Bond
Street), WIS 1AY

About Zhuang Hong Yi:
Zhuang Hong Yi was born in ShiChuan China in 1962 and has been living and working in
the Netherlands for over 25 years. He has earned his outstanding reputation as a
contemporary Chinese artist over a number of highly successful exhibitions across some
of Europe’s most prestigious art galleries. His works have captured the imagination of the most hard to please art critics and have inspired many art students. With a hugely impressive commercial value, Yi is an art phenomenon of his time.

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