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eat love savor luxury lifestyle magazine testimonialEAT LOVE SAVOR® International Luxury Lifestyle Magazine is the high end magazine for the discerning individual who seeks out a life filled with elegance, beauty and meaning, who chooses to live life beyond the ordinary.

We believe that luxury is a state of mind and approach to living. We bring you the gentler side of true luxury, focused on connoisseurship, appreciation and the ‘Art of Living’. Reading our magazines is a totally immersive luxury experience, an oasis from page to page, devoid of interruption, free of focus on consumerism that enchants and welcomes you with great articles, gorgeous imagery with a positive and uplifting tone.

Rather than taking the usual approach, our magazines are created with the desire to be more inspiring, informational, enchanting. Each one is free of advertising, a timeless immersive luxury experience with content relevant years after publication.

eat love savor luxury lifestyle magazine testimonialBECOME AN EAT LOVE SAVOR REGISTERED READER Order your retail editions on MagCloud. Registered readers receive additional bonuses and invitations. REGISTER HERE 

RETAIL ORDERING ON MAGCLOUD :  A La Carte Ordering. > There is no minimum or maximum when ordering. Whenever you buy 10 or more print copies receive a discount off the printing costs. Storefront on MagCloud : http://www.magcloud.com/user/eatlovesavor

COMMERCIAL ORDERING INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTOR : For hotels and airline distribution, contact: Gabrielle Sarmiento VP Sales & Marketing T +1 646 512 5131 E gabi@news-inflight.com http://www.news-inflight.com NEWS INFLIGHT, Inc. New York NY 10036 USA part of MELO Group https://www.melo-group.com/en/

LARGE PRINT ORDERS  http://www.tunnermedia.com Large print orders are printed in Canada using a best-in-class printing partner and fulfillment, delivering superior results through expert craftsmanship, advanced technology and sustainable practices. publisher@eatlovesavor.com


eat love savor luxury lifestyle magazine testimonial  eat love savor luxury lifestyle magazine testimonial
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