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How private aviation maximizes the value of time

BitLux CEO Kyle Patel, shares his thoughts on what it means to “invest in time” and how private jet travel can help clients connect with the important things in life. Some actions in life need to be measured to determine the rate of success. The revenue of a business, the metrics of a marketing campaign, numbers of votes of a certain candidate, and the list goes on. Other actions don’t have figures tied to the process nor are quantifiable, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Their importance is determined by the value each person places on each one, something rather holistic in times where only the measurable seems to have space for discussion.

Still not sure? Being on time for your son’s graduation, for your daughter’s wedding or celebrating 25 years of matrimony with your beloved during the weekend. Time is the tangible resource that connects all the previous. It’s scarce and therefore a very valuable asset. If you thought companies chartered a private jet for top executives for its luxury and inflight amenities, please think again. What about successful entrepreneurs? They travel on private jets just to make an impression?

Private travel allows you to make three meetings in a day instead of just one and visit more than three countries in just two days, compared, for instance, with commercial aviation were that would be impossible due to fixed itineraries. The business side of time can be measured: how much money was saved on a trip that was supposed to last 5 days instead of two. On the personal side, well, this is only assessable by each individual and family situation. Imagine, three days less of travel might have meant that you were there for the birthday of someone special like a child or your aging parent. Priceless.

2020Feb 28 How private aviation maximizes the value of time - EAT LOVE SAVOR International Luxury Lifestyle MagazineAnd three days less of travel means your body is rested, you can get office work done and, most importantly, you have more spare time to invest in yourself and your loved ones. Private aviation is literally second to none when managing time; schedules are met rigorously and therefore no surprises will prevent you from being on the dot, a highly regarded advantage for those with very tight agendas. This is an Investment in time

Being ahead of time is a special feeling. Whether for business or pleasure, managing your time is a commodity these days. According to BitLux, clients can expect to reduce travel time by over 50% compared to commercial aviation. Having access to over 5,000 airports compared to roughly 500 served by commercial aircraft, enabling to reach places nonstop, without unnecessary connections, is the main reason for this time efficiency, as Doug Gollan, private aviation writer, explained flawlessly in this article regarding Elon Musk’s use of business flight.

All that saved time can be invested in so many ways… getting more business done, a special trip to celebrate your silver wedding anniversary, going to a ball game or just for travel recovery time. In essence, chartering a private jet is investing in time; hours, days and even weeks gained in the span of a year thanks to the flexibility granted by executive flight.

BitLux provides various services across the air charter industry, but Executive Travel is one that is closest to their hearts. Whether you are flying for business or leisure, BitLux provides a top tier private jet service that actively exceeds expectations.


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