Hartmann, 135 Years of Exquisitely Crafted Luggage

Hartmann has a proud heritage of the finest craftsmanship, making exquisitely crafted luggage, travel cases and fine leather goods for over 135 years.

The history of Hartmann mirrors the history of travel in the United States. Founded in 1877 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin by Bavarian trunkmaker Joseph Hartmann, Hartmann Luggage was the chic choice for travellers as the industrial revolution was in full swing in the United States. The expanded railway lines offered the opportunity to Americans to travel coast to coast in style.

“Luggage so fine it will stand as a symbol of excellence” — Founder Joseph S. Hartmann, 1877

Joseph Hartmann’s vision of creating “luggage so fine it will stand as a symbol of excellence” propelled the company to rapid growth. By the 1930’s, the company offered over 800 models of steamer trunks and luggage. Another important milestone at this time was the fact that commercial aviation was in its infancy, yet it was perceived as the most glamorous way to travel. Hartmann responded by offering fashionable luggage for this very wealthy group of travelers.

By 1939, Hartmann had developed its signature belting leather, which offered a rich durability. The company used Belting Leather on all of its luggage, business cases and personal leathergoods from that point onwards.

The heritage of the brand was so iconic that by 1954, author Ian Fleming immortalized Hartmann in his novel, Live and Let Die, with James Bond carrying a lightweight Hartmann Skymate suitcase. Through the decades, Hartmann has created historic collections designed by Halston, Gloria Vanderbilt and Lambertson Truex.

EAT LOVE SAVOR Luxury Lifestyle Magazine - Hartmann Skymate suitcase 1954

Hartmann luggage has been carried by famous and historical figures alike, including Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, Babe Ruth, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Jimmy Stewart, Winston Churchill, Joe Di Maggio, President George H.W. Bush, Sarah Jessica Parker, Lara Flynn Boyle and Cindy Crawford. The luggage has been featured in many films, such as Ocean’s Twelve, The Manchurian Candidate and The Holiday and is the luggage of choice for Mad Men’s, Don Draper.

More than 250 Steps to Create 1 Suitcase

Connoisseurs of design classics will appreciate the fine craftsmanship and reassuring innovative techniques involved in making one Hartmann suitcase. A rigorous and relentless process involving more than 250 steps is required to make the unique design. The end result is a pure masterpiece in custom design, innovation and performance that will eclipse any fashion trend.

The Making of the 7R Master

EAT LOVE SAVOR Luxury Lifestyle Magazine - Hartmann making of the 7R

Selecting the material
Carefully selected from preeminent suppliers, only the finest and most durable aluminum is chosen.

Preparing the tools
Proficiently-constructed craftsman tools are used to form our perfectly designed shells, including the mold for our 7R Master design.

Making the unique shell
Our shells are sculpted by applying intense pressure to the aluminum sheet.

Forming the precise frame
Blending the latest-generation technology with skilled craftsmanship, the frame is contoured into shape.

A polished surface
Each shell is polished manually to ensure a strikingly-stunning surface.

Wheels keep on turning
To ensure precise rotation, each multi-bearing wheel is checked and assembled by hand.

Wheels keep on turning
To ensure precise rotation, each multi-bearing wheel is checked and assembled by hand.

Lining the inside
Various parts of the inside lining are put together to ensure uniformity in the interior.

Adding excellence
As a symbol of excellence, the Hartmann logo completes the signature look.

Inserting the interior
The interior is fixed to each suitcase by hand.

The finishing touch
Each case is checked to ensure it meets stringent quality standards, and then polished and labeled.

Tests, tests and more tests
Before going into production, each Hartmann product undergoes extensive and strict crash and water tests so it will withstand the harshest conditions.

EAT LOVE SAVOR Luxury Lifestyle Magazine - Hartmann 7R rose gold luggageSmooth & Luxurious

EAT LOVE SAVOR Luxury Lifestyle Magazine - Hartmann suitcase 7r close upSculpted and styled from innovative, metalized Curv material, this distinctive and unique design is the cornerstone of this exclusive collection. Diligently made with attention to every conceivable desire of the well-heeled traveler, form and functionality blend beautifully. Thoughtful considerations are emphasized in the intensely soft premium leather handles, customized interior lining and extra integrated pockets. Lightweight and luxurious, it’s highly-suited for the sophisticated traveler who enjoys pushing the boundaries of life.

It is also exclusively stocked in Harrods and selected Heathrow terminals.

For more information visit the Hartmann website.


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