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GUY&MAX: Visionary Modern Art Jewelry Designers Awarded “Designer to Watch” 2015

guy and max luxury award designer to watch 2015

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guy and max eat love savor luxury awardThe sibling duo GUY&MAX are visionary in the world of jewelry and design. The award winning pair of fine jewellery designers bring their imaginative jewelry dreams to life in their Boutique, Studio & Workshop located in the heart of Mayfair in London UK. Their love of jewelry and gemstones comes naturally. Thanks to an alchemy of family heritage in diamonds and modern technological expertise, together these brothers chose to express their unique dichotomy of romance and science, narrative and sculpture, to create a new and evolving luxury brand that gives birth to beautiful collections which bridge traditional bridal with futuristic sculptural art forms. A beautiful marriage of 21st century technology, 3D printing and artisan skills, GUY&MAX celebrate individuality with the world’s lovers of fine jewellery making them a must-know  luxury jewelry designing duo.

guy and max jewelry line up


Tell us about your background and how you came to be in the jewellery business.

Guy: Nepotism! Our parent’s worked in jewellery and diamonds. I was hooked from a young age. I helped in the family business before university then did a retail apprenticeship, initially High Street and then West End, during and afterwards before rejoining the family.

What is the story behind your brand? How has it evolved?

Guy: After a few years in the wholesale diamond trade, I adapted to manufacturing fine diamond jewellery for some of the better retailers around the UK and Ireland. Traditional modelling, casting, setting and finishing. When Max introduced me to his 3D design concepts that all changed and the brand was born. We chose a select few retail outlets to sell GUY&MAX but quickly realised that a bespoke and personable product and service doesn’t need outlets so we opened the shop.


What is your mission and vision for the GUY&MAX brand?

Guy: We create something entirely unique and interesting. To continue to develop our quest for perfection in jewellery through traditional craft and ever changing technology.

Who do you envision as the GUY&MAX clients?

Guy: Lovers of fine jewellery are becoming increasingly disenfranchised by many big brand products and service. Labelled as luxury, it is rolled out to the masses. Our niche captures those that adore originality, creativity and a passion for individuality. We attract those that appreciate the finer alternatives in life.

Antique diamond & 18ct rose gold Digital Nature engagement ring, and fitted wedding ring £16,500
GUY&MAX Antique diamond & 18ct rose gold Digital Nature engagement ring, and fitted wedding ring £16,500

What do you wish people knew about GUY&MAX jewelry?

Guy: I wish that people knew how much time and passion every jewel takes us to consult on, design, model and then create.

Tell us about your background and how you were led to jewelry design.

Max: With dreams of being a sculptor at an early age I was pretty sure that I would grow up to be involved in a three dimensional art form. Having diversified into product design at art school and then onto university, I specialised in furniture design at first. It was only when I was struggling with the cost of 3D printing furniture in the early days of this technology and Guy asked me if I would be interested in helping to design a collection for the family business that I found my calling. Jewellery allowed me a more cost effective outlet to explore this process. The rest as we say is history.

GUY&MAX Multi-colour, rose cut sapphire & 18ct rose gold Digital Nature bangle £15,000
GUY&MAX Multi-colour, rose cut sapphire & 18ct rose gold Digital Nature bangle £15,000

What sets GUY&MAX jewelry apart from other designs and designers?

Max: We have a very pragmatic approach to jewellery. Form still follows function at GUY&MAX even if the function is to tell a beautifully and romantic story or to make both the giver and receiver equally enamoured in our art. With almost 20 years experience of 3D modelling we are unrestricted to sculpt shapes and forms that cannot be achieved either by hand or by jewellery specific CAD applications, so our jewellery has a unique look and feel to it.

How has technology, 3-D animation and printing affected how you design and the results you are producing?

Max: 3D modelling has played a great part in our design process over the years, it affects design as any process does. Through research and inspiration a designer creates an idea, building up a picture (or sculpture) in their head, when this concept is developed through a particular process it is then transformed by the confines of that process. If these restrictions become too confining you find another process that better suits your concept. So with experience you tend to design for a particular process, in our case this is the process of 3D modelling and printing. As the software tools have become more sophisticated, less restrictions are placed on the original concept, which means that after so many years we no longer need to be influenced by this tool. However in answer to the original question, what I particularly like about using 3D animation in combination with 3D modelling is it becomes part of the conceptual stage, it is the animation that creates that imagined sculpture. The animating stage is more part of the design and less part of the production. This way of designing creates truly unusual results.

GUY&MAX Cognac, back diamond and rose gold Digital Nature pendant £8,000
GUY&MAX Cognac, back diamond and rose gold Digital Nature pendant £8,000

What inspires your design and stone sourcing, selection and approach?

Max: Nature is a huge influence on us whether it be the use of recycled gold rather than mined or the careful sourcing of our gemstones. But it is the exploration of science into nature that inspires our designs whether it be on a microscopic level, the very building blocks of life, the immense and often hidden natural and uncontrollable forces within our world, or the speculative physics of our universe.

Where do you see fine jewelry design headed?

Max: We recently were commissioned to create a pair of wedding rings that depicted the often rocky journey through life. Continuing from this I am making some animations that attempt to replicate the forces of nature. We’re hoping our next collection will evolve and develop from this. For Fine jewellery, we see people being more adventurous with the popularity of “fine-fashion”. People will be looking for more unique statement pieces that are mini works of art in their own right and coloured characterful gemstones will replace the soulless flawless solitaire as people gather in creative confidence.


Boutique . Studio . Workshop
No8 Shepherd Street
By Appointment
+44 (0)20 7499 5898

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