Gin 44°N, Made in Provence with a Perfumers Sensibility

Gin inspired by and distilled on the Côte d’Azur, inspired by the perfume mastery of Grasse.

For gin lovers who appreciate excellence, an elegant olfactory and gustatory experience, Gin 44°N is the perfect gin for you.

Bottled in a magnificent Klein Blue glass, this distinctive bottle and its vividness of colour is only achieved by infusing the glass rather than placing a coloured film over it, emphasising the blue quality. The 3D appearance at the bottom of the bottle is hand moulded; designed to resemble the sparkling reflection at the bottom of the sea on a beautiful summer day. The bottle portrays the splendour of the French Riviera with amazing precision and detail, with its yellow cap reminiscent of the sun and the stripes depicting the rays.

Paying Homage to its Roots in Bottle and Box

Comte de Grasse was conceived and distilled in Grasse, the international centre of perfumery, and it is presented in a presentation box that is as elegant as the bottle it holds. The texture of the box presented a significant problem. The vivid colour of the box, mixed with the texture and incredibly pleasurable touch of the box, made keeping the sparkling yellow highlights a near-impossible task. To obtain the desired appearance, 7 coats were required. The magnificent end result pays homage to gin’s Provençal roots.

Gin 44N in box

Following his Nose to Grasse

Grasse is a very special place. With its own microclimate, it is a place where intriguing plants grow freely, and is blessed with a combination of sunshine and constant warmth.

The goal to make sustainable premium spirits while rethinking the future of spirit distilling led to the creation of Comte de Grasse. Its founder, luxury industry aficionado Bhagath Reddy, first stepped foot in the heights of the Côte d’Azur, in Grasse, with the goal of discovering the world’s perfume capital. He rapidly identified the various aspects that would enable the construction of an extraordinary gin after discovering the plethora of unique botanicals and local experience. He bought the historic Roure-Bertrand & Fils perfumery, which can be recognised from afar thanks to its iconic red-brick chimney, with the intention of turning it into a distillery. The structure, which is on the National Register of Historic Places, will be undergoing extensive renovations soon.

Bhagath Reddy Ceo and founder of Comte de Grasse
Bhagath Reddy, Founder and CEO, Comte de Grasse

‘As the capital of perfume, Grasse was an attractive home for Comte de Grasse, as the expertise, techniques and technology used in the creation of fragrances can be applied to the creation of spirits, which has not been done before in the region. The cultivation of precious botanicals and plants, the knowledge and processing of natural raw materials, and the art of perfume composition is inspiring, and we see this in the recent listing of Grasse as a UNESCO heritage site in 2018. We have been able to use precious ingredients provided by the terroir as well as maceration techniques found in the perfume industry to create a new style of gin, 44ºN, which is undeniably from Grasse’. -Bhagath Reddy, Founder and CEO Ceo of Comte de Grasse.

Following the development of its teams, including Joanne Birkitt, co-founder of the brand, and after two years of consultation with the town of Grasse in order to energise and collaborate as much as possible with the town, the vision of Comte de Grasse is determined: to create luxury spirits using modern, innovative and sustainable distillation methods.

Tasting Notes

Top notes: Freshness of lemon zest and grapefruit. Iodized notes of sea fennel, punctuated by mimosa. Cade adds woody, resinous nuances.

Heart notes: Floral, with hints  of rose centifolia and jasmine. Bitter orange balanced with angelica.

Base notes: spicy touch of maceron, a finish evoking iris, honey and musk, with a persistence of flowers and citrus

Cocktail Recipes

Gin 44N gimlet cocktail


6cl Gin 44°N
2cl sugar syrop
1,5cl lemon juice
Basil leaf



3cl Gin 44°N
2cl Campari
2cl Vermouth

Gin 44°N blends science and art with the experience of scientist Marie-Anne Contamin, master distiller, to develop a gin created using classic perfumery extraction techniques, a true breakthrough in the business.

For more information, visit www.comtedegrasse.com

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