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CORE: club

Established in New York City in 2005, CORE is one of the most elite social clubs in the United States, and in 2019 it will open its doors in Milano (Italy). CORE: never static, never conventional, always essential – it provides its members the tools to design their own exquisite experience, structured or serendipitous, intimate or sociable. The experts at CORE curate a unique series of experiences that celebrate the art of ideas, delve into the essence of pressing current topics, unleash creativity, and spark innovation through inspiring combinations of people and events. Members also enjoy world-class dining, state-of-the-art fitness and luxurious personal care services, and opportunities to socialize with like-minded colleagues, friends, or potential new partners.

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Taylor Fladgate Historical Collection Reserve Tawny

The limited-edition wine was carefully blended from specially selected Ports from Taylor Fladgate’s extensive aged Tawny stocks, aged in seasoned oak Port casks. The special release features a commemorative, early 18th century style bottle to further pay homage to the producer’s long legacy.

Tasting Notes: A core of deep brick red fading to russet on the rim. A beautifully mature and complex nose, full of evocative, subtle nuances. Aromas of plum, fig and raisin blend with a mellow redolence of marzipan and butterscotch. Hints of cigar box, cedar wood and leather add an exotic dimension to the nose. The wine is seductively round and smooth with discreet, beautifully integrated tannins adding an attractive dryness and grip. The wine is full of rich, fruit cake flavours with some fresh plum character emerging on the long finish.

The packaging was inspired by a historic English bottle used mainly between 1715 and 1740. These bottles had a narrow, oval profile, often being described as having a ‘flat chestnut’ or ‘bladder’ shape. These bottles were designed to hold amounts, which varied between 1 and 1½ litres and were larger in capacity than the ‘onion’ bottles that preceded them.

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Luisa Rosas – Fine Jewellery Made in Portugal

Established on decades of family knowledge, rooted on heritage and quality craftsmanship. The art of designing and crafting jewellery passed on through five generations, honouring a great goldsmithery tradition and giving form to a creative spirit. Luisa Rosas’ work presents itself in a pristine fashion and evolves in a harmonious way, as Nature’s elements do.

Each collection is the ending of a comprehensive toil, a period of tireless experimentation, and an emotional and sensorial engagement in which every detail counts. The result is an array of pieces that ask to be touched, experienced, and are capable of stimulating a combination of senses simultaneously.

SKIN reversible bracelet with diamonds Reversible bracelet and clasp in 18k yellow gold with diamonds. Approximate width: 29,3 mm. Diamonds: VS G/H.

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Launched in 2013, the bespoke luxury furniture brand is modern design with a DNA that includes solid wood, cork, craftsmanship and sustainability. Artisan expertise puts the finishing touches on a product that is made using cutting-edge production methods, while gifted hands lend sensitivity and emotion to industrial precision. All of the pieces are designed and manufactured in Portugal using craftsmanship tradition and giving it a new interpretation through the design of unique and timeless pieces. The modern treatment given to cork and wood combined with advanced technology produces the unique AROUNDtheTREE pieces. Designer Alexandre Caldas’ one of a kind handmade inspirational pieces is the LOCUST Working Desk. For more information visit




Is a one-of-a-kind designer luxury brand devoted to creating beautiful, modern yet classic watches, with a long lasting heritage. The House annually introduces ready to wear collections, and can create bespoke pieces via its atelier.

MEERSON is synonymous of ‘Art in Detail’ – the creation of timeless, subtle pieces which project effortless elegance at first, and reveal striking and meaningful details to the wearer over time. The luxury pieces are manufactured with the same level of integrity as their design, and combine Haute Couture tradition with the mastery of craftsmanship in Haute Horlogerie.

Designer Alexandre Meerson developed a fascinating initiative called Project Anna – a community of women, from all over the world, who come together to help him create an achingly beautiful and enduringly desirable collection of watches and accessories for women. It is not about co-designing, but collaborating to understand the essence of what is meaningful for women.

Ladies’ watch: The Altitude Première is the interpretation of the classic dress watch, with a date window reminiscent of the staircase of the Peace Hotel in Shanghai. This particular model sports a dial finish that is inspired by the pop art movement of the 1950s. Only noble materials are used, and every element of the movement is decorated, even if it is not visible, to reflect the integrity of MEERSON. The collection begins at £7,900.

Men’s watch: The MEERSON D15 is sculpted from grade-5 titanium and grey gold to be both a beautiful and rugged watch, balancing form and practicality with dual-time functionality. The model’s advanced case engineering and complex architecture ensure the watch is lightweight and waterproof to 100m. Extreme legibility, even at difficult angles, combined with stylish, carved numerals ensure this watch can perform with precision in most circumstances. Starts at £13,500. For more information visit



Nina Moniz da Maia

Nina Moniz da Maia is a young Portuguese designer who creates handbags with Italian leather, 100% handmade in Portugal. Her passion and emotions are expressed in each model through color, texture and shape. The smooth velvet inside each handbag and the fine details really make this brand’s unique design and signature. Nina always names her handbags in a meaningful way. For example, Margareta (here shown in Emerald) was her grandmother’s name, and O’Coco (here shown in framboise) pays tribute to Coco Chanel.

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SENTALER – Alpaca luxury coats and accessories

Established in 2009 by Bojana Sentaler, who was born in Belgrade and grew up in Toronto, she was inspired by the diverse vibrancy and beauty of her journeys and created SENTALER, showcasing feminine silhouettes in an array of vibrant colours. The brand is known for its signature ribbed sleeve details and hooded wrap coats. Each SENTALER coat is precisely crafted with hand finishes using the world’s finest and rare fabric, alpaca, for its exceptional quality and luxury appeal.

The fibre is obtained by shearing alpaca animals, which thrive in the high altitude of the Peruvian Andes. Their hair has developed microscopic air pockets that provide superior thermal insulation, which make SENTALER outerwear warm, lightweight and soft to the touch. While working with alpaca fibre, SENTALER helps Peruvian families to sustain in their way of life. SENTALER is committed to crafting all garments adhering to cruelty free, sustainable and fair-trade practices.

Alpaca garments do not mat, pill, stain, lose shape nor colour. Unlike wool, alpaca fibre does not contain lanolin, which makes it hypoallergenic and very comfortable for sensitive skin.  For more information visit


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