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Letters from the Editor

From the Editor: Heralding the Next Decade of EAT LOVE SAVOR®

To ensure we can continue to publish our great luxury online publication long into the future, we are launching a paywall.

When we launched EAT LOVE SAVOR® ONLINE, our first articles published 10 years ago, founding editor in chief and publisher Angela Tunner intended to provide an alternative to the consumption driven focused luxury publications “we are committed to featuring stories and insights into excellent luxury goods, services and experiences and to producing informative and enchanting magazines for a targeted luxury customer delving beyond the aspects of possession. There is much more to luxury than acquisition. A magazine can be much more than an enticement for commerce. They can be a place to dream, to learn, share love and be inspired. We also believe that where love leads, sales will naturally follow. ” If anything, that idealist approach rings even more true today as a more conscientious luxury customer is emerging. That’s why EAT LOVE SAVOR® has always valued depth and purpose. The spirit with which we create our publications is driven by love. We discuss our topics in depth and focus on the aspects of luxury beyond creating demand for purchase. We’re thinking and expressing deep thoughts about how we engage with luxury.  And we’re developing meaningful connections with our audience—connecting them to a community of ideas and inspiring them to think differently about the world of luxury they want to live in and the goods, services and experiences that match those values.

Where we Began, Where we are Headed

When we began, our business model was based on self-funding in order to build ourselves up without relying on advertising. We wished to remain independent which we felt gave us greater power in remaining being unbiased. A fortuitous decision given the chaotic climate in advertising spend which has become thinner industry wide and we expect will forever remain that way. As we approach the next phase of our journey forward, our global luxury community deeply values the unique platform and truly luxurious experience we have created and wish to see its legacy continue and for us to grow even stronger.

That’s why effective immediately, we launched a paywall—a business model that rewards our connection to our beloved audience and will help us keep EAT LOVE SAVOR® a home for refined, informative, valuable, enchanting, and sophisticated luxury lifestyle storytelling and luxury lifestyle inspiration for the next decade and beyond.

A Luxury Magazine with Purpose

The internet is awash with too much information, presented in ways that are overwhelming to the senses and can leave you feeling tired and unsatisfied. EAT LOVE SAVOR® is an oasis. An uplifting experience to read and a love filled visual feast that delights the senses and.

Where it is said about the ill effects of the Internet, “Psychological research long ago proved what most of us know from experience: frequent interruptions scatter our thoughts, weaken our memory, and make us tense and anxious. The more complex the train of thought we’re involved in, the greater the impairment the distractions cause.” — Nicholas Carr, author of The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains. EAT LOVE SAVOR®’s genteel approach and feminine lens is the elixir a luxury lover needs because we use the internet to reach you, and designed our site without distract or stressful effect.

In the words of one of our readers,

“Of all the luxury magazines I have come across over the years, EAT LOVE SAVOR® has consistently maintained the highest quality of insightful articles and interviews taking readers behind the products to understand the history and inspiring artisans and craftspeople behind some of the most exquisite possessions. Furthermore, the bookazine is not simply a showcase of expensive goods. Anyone can do that. What sets EAT LOVE SAVOR® apart is its ardent desire to educate and inspire the reader to discover and create their own measure of luxury in their daily lives beyond mere possessions. There is a mindset that one must cultivate to maintain and authenticity about how they live and move throughout this world. And EAT LOVE SAVOR® provides this spark with each issue.” ~ The Luxury Curatress, Aamaal Y. Abdul-Malik, Luxury Brand, Digital & Customer Experience Strategist

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There is too much information out there about luxury, most of it with the purpose of purchase enticement, much of it skewed to the masses, we offer no such pressure or mass approach. We are focused on the Essence of Luxury, Appreciation and Connoisseurship. We are very discerning and and have stringent criteria in our selection process for our magazine in order to only bring you the luxury goods, services and experiences that will add value to your luxury lifestyle and aim to help you better understand it for optimal enjoyment.

Subscribing has many Benefits

By subscribing to EAT LOVE SAVOR®, you will help us continue our tradition of fresh insight, deep reporting, stunning design, and beautiful writing, and become a part of our luxury community of like-minded individuals. The specifics are here, but in a nutshell: if you read three articles in a month, you will be asked to subscribe to read more and get Unlimited Access. If you sign up, not only do you have unlimited access to EAT LOVE SAVOR ONLINE and a digital subscription to our Luxury Bookazine Quarterly and an 8-edition Luxury Bookazine Quarterly Archives Bundle. When you visit the site, you will have no barriers to your enjoyment.

But the real benefit of your subscription is that you’ll ensure that we can continue producing great stories, videos, features, interviews and editorial and elegantly present it all to our luxury community.

Heading into the Future with Renewed Focus

Over the past decade, EAT LOVE SAVOR® watched as the internet reinvent news and media—who makes it, what we anticipate from it, and how we support it. All the while, the heart of our publication has remained the same, as it was 10 years ago—love, lifestyle, purpose, inspiration, context, valuable information, understanding the meaning of true luxury and its worth to bridge the gap between heritage, history and the modern evolution of luxury. We know that there is an overabundance of information, and that high caliber publications with meaningful purpose and valuable information and community are now more important than ever.  Our paywall refocuses our business on these core values.





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