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From Portugal: The Persono Luxury Mattress

Ceramic Wall, Lisbon Portugal

Portugal known for many things — Port Wine, Tapas, Fado music, ceramic tiles, but it has also become known for its exceptional sleep product, the Persono luxury mattress.

Opened in 2003, Persono is a company created by a team whose sole purpose is to manufacture a mattress masterpiece. Persono offers mattress collections that have been developed to optimize comfort, all meeting the needs of the most demanding customers. As Persono’s logo states, “The mattress dimensions are what you choose — nothing is standard: the only standard is you.”

Persono Glamour Mattress, Black

The Persono mission is defined by one essential: helping the consumer sleep well. Their products are handmade, using the most advanced materials that are completely made to measure.blank

Though Persono began its journey in Portugal, its luxury brand has now moved worldwide. The mattresses have been exhibited at the Brussels Furniture Fair, IMM Cologne, Maison & Object and Mueble Zaragoza.

blankMattresses Fit for a Palace

They are also the only mattresses used in the luxury Torel Palace, a renowned hotel in Lisbon. The palace is comprised of two historic mansions dating back to 1902 and 1904. It is owned by a private family and the church respectively. The best deserves the best.
In addition to years of market accolades, the Persono is now in a position of prominence in the luxury mattress market.  With unique and exclusive finishing touches, the essence of the Persono collection, with three types of mattress, all denote the functionality of beauty.

Persono Casual Concept Mattress

Concept Mattresses by Persono

The first is the Persono Casual Concept Mattress: this was the first concept developed by Persono. Aimed at those who seek a lower price, but still with Persono’s attention to luxury detail, the company developed exclusive models that have thinner cores, covered with simpler stretch materials.


The second, combining comfort and design, is the Persono Glamour Concept mattress, made with Swarovski ® elements, zippers, and also have four side pockets that can be used to hold personal objects. All Persono Glamour Concept mattresses are provided with three sheets and two mattress protectors. All covers are quilted and have fire retardant properties.

Persono Turquoise Blue Velvet Mattress

Finally, is the Persono Luxury Concept Mattress, with exceptional finishing touches. And an upgrade to this is the new Persono Luxury Plus. This Luxury Concept Plus has thoroughly studied details to give it an even more luxurious and soft look, where the mattress entirely velvet-coated, and it has a new color: a turquoise blue.

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